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Amyntaio Wines

In the heart of Amintaio, the only Greek Rosé Appellation of Origin wine is produced, which stands out for its aromatic character. In the Amintaio area, around the lake Vegoritida, in the most continental Greek vineyard, the most common red variety of northern Greece is primarily planted, Xinomavro. At this altitude, at 600 to 750 meters, we are located in an ideal area for producing excellent red, rosé and sparkling wines with an indication P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin). The soil and climate of the region is also ideal for growing white varieties such as Roditis, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer, born from which are the white wines Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) Florina.

Amyntaio Sparkling Rosé Demi Sec
RP '15
D '20
Silver (91)
Delicate bubbles exuding fresh aromas of apple, plum, tomato and aromatic herbs, with hints of bread crust and yeast. Mouth rich, with crispy acidity and a subtle rounding sweetness...
11.90€ 12.40€
Ex Tax:9.60€
Amyntaio Sparkling Rosé Sec
RP '15
Dark pink color with fine, lasting bubbles. Strawberry on the nose, as also sweet tomato, cherry, nut and caramel notes. Mouth warm, alcoholic, with a mild acidity and a fruity character topped with a touch of sweetness...
11.90€ 12.40€
Ex Tax:9.60€
The 2011 vintage was great. The weather conditions helped to achieve what they had been looking for a long time at Estate Kir Yianni, that is, phenolic mature wines but without a high alcohol content. The absence of heat throughout the summer gave very good acidity and, consequently, wines of deep a..
Ex Tax:45.97€
A pleasant white sparkling wine created by the method of second fermentation in closed tank. Strong and gentle sparkles, consisting of small bubbles, which highlight the aromatic character of the wine. Apricot and peach aromas coming from Chardonnay and floral notes from the Xinomavro and Roditis, c..
9.60€ 9.90€
Ex Tax:7.74€
Produced from the white Xinomavro grape juice (blanc de noirs) according to the closed tank method. Pale yellow color with gray hues and strong but elegant nose with aromas reminiscent of white flowers and apricot. On the palate, the cool high acidity stands out. Moderate aftertaste...
10.90€ 11.20€
Ex Tax:8.79€
Estate Alpha Sauvignon Blanc Fumé 2018 Ecosystem
RP '18
JR '17
D '15
Bronze (88)
Attractive lemon color, delicate but complex nose, where scents of green apple, pineapple and white-fleshed peaches, basil and lukumi gradually unfold, as also hints of tobacco and vanilla. Mouth with elegance, balance and good structure, topped with a juicy and fragrant aftertaste...
16.50€ 17.00€
Ex Tax:13.31€
Karanika Extra Brut Rosé 2018
RP '16
Light pink color with the nose being dominated by strawberry, sour cherry and nut in a candy background. Rich and creamy bubbles highlight the quality of the wine where the rich fruity mouthfeel and the balanced acidity and sugars harmoniously lead to a persistent and p..
16.00€ 17.30€
Ex Tax:12.90€
Estate Alpha One 2014
RP '11
JR '13
D '11
Bronze (87)
Alpha One comes each year from a grape variety or varieties selected by the winemaker to highlight the Amyndeo terroir dynamics. 2014 vintage is a 100% Merlot wine. The result is a rich and fully-bodied wine with a bouquet of aromas made of black fruit, dry plum, strawberry jam, and also animal skin..
Ex Tax:59.68€
Alpha Estate One 2015
RP '16
JR '13
D '11
Bronze (87)
This is the crown jewel of the Alpha estate in that, for 2015, the Montepulciano and Tannat varieties coexist. The varieties provide a deep ruby ​​color, with purple highlights. The complexity of the aromas is evident in the nose, with predominantly red and black fruits, then we find spices, cocoa, ..
66.70€ 68.40€
Ex Tax:53.79€
Alpha Estate Xinomavro Reserve 2017
RP '06
JR '15
D '16
Silver (90)
Dense crimson color, complex and charming nose, which unfolds the typical varietal aromas such as ripe tomato, olive leaves, plum jam and pepper. Mouth-feel with a pretty good volume and “supporting” tannins, enhancing acidity and a long aftertaste...
19.90€ 20.70€
Ex Tax:16.05€
Kir Yianni Estate Akakies 2020
RP '20
D '15
Deep cherry color, bright and clear. Intense nose dominated by fresh tomato, cherry, raspberry aromas, with sufficient length. Beautiful mouth, intense, with flavors of tomato paste and distinctive fruity sense. Alcohol rather toned and acidic, robust aftertaste...
Ex Tax:7.18€
In 2004, on the hill of Samaropetra in Florina, Kir Yianni estate planted for the first time the star of the Greek vineyard, Malagousia.Malagousia from Kir Yianni is a wine with lemon-green color, intensely aromatic, with citrus, stone and tropical fruits coexisting harmoniously and a botanical tone..
Ex Tax:10.48€
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