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Greek Sauvignon Blanc Wines

Greek Sauvignon Blanc Wines
Color: White
Types of wines: White, Dessert
Categories: PGI

Description: French origin variety from the most prevalent worldwide, which gives excellent quality wines, if it is cultivated with care and is properly vinified. In our country it firstly was cultivated in the early 90s and today we find vineyards with Sauvignon almost in the entire territory of Greece . The aromatic profile of this variety is characterized by aromas of wild tropical fruits and «pipi de chat» and this is what makes it so charming, but also an important role plays the balanced mouth, with the good acidity and the round body.

Typical wine characteristics: Fruity, aromatic and balanced
Pale lemon color and nose with intensity and duration. Aromas of fresh yellow fruits such as pineapple, melon and apple, and hints of citrus, such as lemon zest and orange blossoms.  Crisp and generous mouthsense, juicy, with a long, fruity aftertaste...
9.30€ 9.60€
Ex Tax:7.50€
One of the most classic whites of the Greek vineyard, re-releases the amazing vintage of 2017.Golden yellow color with green, pleasant hues. Ripe aromas with a clear barrel taste. Scents of vanilla, apricot compote, ripe mango and melon, honey and distinctive flowers on the nose. Medium-body mouth f..
Ex Tax:14.52€
Attractive lemon color, delicate but complex nose, where scents of green apple, pineapple and white-fleshed peaches, basil and lukumi gradually unfold, as also hints of tobacco and vanilla. Mouth with elegance, balance and good structure, topped with a juicy and fragrant aftertaste...
16.50€ 17.00€
Ex Tax:13.31€
Zacharioudakis organic wines have gained a lot of attention since they seem to optimally express Cretan terroir, showing its characteristics in both the white and red vinification.Vidiano and Sauvignon Blanc blend could not go unnoticed. This wine has complicated aromas of citrus & tropical frui..
9.70€ 12.30€
Ex Tax:7.82€
A wonderful Sauvignon Blanc by Domain Mega Spileo. The color is bright subtle yellow, with light green highlights. We find strong aromas of citrus and tropical fruits in the nose, with notes of mint and grass to follow. On the palate it is of medium body, with crunchy acidity, an oily sense that nic..
8.70€ 10.20€
Ex Tax:7.02€
Bright golden yellow color, elegant & distinctive aromas of citrus, mango, pear and thyme. Fresh and refreshing acidity that are due to both varieties blend. Round mouthsense with nice structure and aftertaste of moderate duration...
11.20€ 11.30€
Ex Tax:9.03€
Yellow color in the glass, with greenish highlights. The aromatic characteristics highlight its tropical character with as mango and gouache fragrances, with botanical notes to follow. Generous on the palate, with characteristic cool acidity but also rich mouthfeel, leading us to a pleasant aftertas..
10.90€ 11.16€
Ex Tax:8.79€
Bright yellow color with green hues. Typical grape variety aromas of ripe fruit, melon, peach, quince, coexisting harmoniously with vanilla and spicy character that comes from the oak maturation. Rich in palate, with refreshing acidity and a long aftertaste...
13.90€ 14.40€
Ex Tax:11.21€
Pale and bright yellow-green colour, with grey highlights. Intense and ripe on the nose, with elegant aromas of rose and lemon blossom from Moschofilero as well as citrus and exotic fruits in the foreground from Sauvignon Blanc. Dry on the palate, well balanced with crisp acidity, medium in body and..
7.00€ 8.60€
Ex Tax:5.65€
A wine with a bright lemon color. It is characterized by aromas of unripe citrus fruits, pear, green apple, with notes of vegetation to follow. Moderate body on the palate, with high acidity, with a medium-lasting but pleasant finish...
4.30€ 5.10€
Ex Tax:3.47€
Pale yellow color with lemon hues, and expressive nose, that excites with its intricate aromas of citrus, passion fruit, green pepper and basil. Mouth full, juicy and generous, with acidity that gives it a nerve. Long-lasting aftertaste, with fresh fruit in the finish...
18.20€ 18.60€
Ex Tax:14.68€
Crystal yellow color with greenish hints, notes of lemon blossoms, citron, pear and white-fleshed peaches on the nose. Metallic mouth feel, fruity, with refreshing acidity and balance...
16.50€ 17.00€
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