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Greek Gewurztraminer Wines

Greek Gewurztraminer Wines
Color: Pink
Types of wines: White, Dessert
Categories: Table wine

Description: An French origin variety grown in small areas in our country. It is famous for its intensely aromatic wines with aromas of citrus, rose and yellow fruits, which are also characterized by intense alcoholic level and relatively low acidity.

Typical wine characteristics: Aromatic
Stefanos Petridis planted and now cultivates 5.7 acres of Gewürztraminer in Petres, Amyntaio, one of the coldest wine-producing zones in Greece with loamy soils. The vineyard is located at an altitude of 600 meters with a northwest and southeast orientation. The wine remains in French oak barrels fo..
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Light, vivid yellow color, vivacious aromatic character consisting of scents from exotic fruits, acacia blossoms, peach and mint, in the background of citrus. Medium-bodied mouth feel, with a fairly good acidity and a pleasant, fruity aftertaste...
15.60€ 16.10€
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On the face we have a bright salmon color. On the nose we find rose aromas supported by subtle notes of strawberry and cherry. The palate is of medium body, with lively acidity and a prolonged enjoyable finish...
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Kostas Lalikos' long-awaited wine is finally here, turning the semi-dry character of the old Circus into a dry Gewurztraminer. Its first release has the formality of the variety and promising evolution over time. Gentle yellow color with complex aromas of clams, flowers, lime, rip yellow fruits and ..
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It has a bright lemon color. The aromas are strong, consisting of tropical fruits, rose, bergamot, followed by hints of herbs and white pepper. Mouthfeel is medium+ bodied, with a beautiful oiliness that coexists exceptionally well with the crisp acidity which leads us to a pleasant aftertaste...
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The new rosé wine of Avantis Estate comes stylically between the classic rose Aventis and the Plagies Gerakion with an almost sensual blend of Mavrokoundoura and the fragrant Gewurztraminer.Mavrokoundoura is a clone of the Aegean Mandilaria with more velvety tanninsPink-salmon color that continues w..
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Pale yellow color, with aromas of tropical fruits, tomatoes, citrus fruits, olive leaves and rose. Characteristic acidity that refreshes the palate and emphasizes the fruit content, as well as a long, delicious, lemony aftertaste...
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It has a lemony color. The aromas consist of tropical fruits, flowers, citrus, followed by notes of spices. Mouthfeel is medium+ bodied, with good acidity that leads to a good lasting aftertaste...
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Domaine Michailidi uses the Assyrtiko and Gewurztraminer varieties that come from the mountainous Lagotopos vineyard, at an altitude of 220 meters, and creates a gastronomic wine. It has a golden yellow color. In the aromatic characteristics we find rose, tropical fruits, spices, citrus, with notes ..
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