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Greek Chardonnay Wines

Greek Chardonnay Wines
Color: White
Types of wines: White, Sparkling
Categories: PGI

Description: One of the most globetrotter varieties with French origins, from Burgundy. Acclimatised easily and therefore is grown in Greece in several areas, preferably mountainous and cooler. It gives wines with a deep yellow color, with a very distinctive and easily identifiable character, oily, with rich mouth sense, good acidity, characteristic fruity aromas and aging potential.

Typical wine characteristics: Round, rich and aromatic
A pleasant white sparkling wine created by the method of second fermentation in closed tank. Strong and gentle sparkles, consisting of small bubbles, which highlight the aromatic character of the wine. Apricot and peach aromas coming from Chardonnay and floral notes from the Xinomavro and Roditis, c..
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Vivid golden color, aromas of white flowers, marzipan, butter caramel, pineapple and banana. Well-structured, rich mouth, with a perceptible sweetness, well balancing, holding on into a long aftertaste...
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Bright yellow color, bold barrel scent on the nose with traces of apricot, bubblegum and dried flowers. Peppery mouth-feel where tannins highlight strongly the presence of barrel sense. It has a good acidity and fairly fruity character with a sweet finish...
13.50€ 17.40€
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Straw yellow color, aromas of citrus, green apple and butter, honey and nuts that reveal the barrel. Full and oily mouth feel with medium acidity and long aftertaste...
10.20€ 10.70€
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Yellow color in the glass, with greenish highlights. The aromatic characteristics highlight its tropical character with as mango and gouache fragrances, with botanical notes to follow. Generous on the palate, with characteristic cool acidity but also rich mouthfeel, leading us to a pleasant aftertas..
10.90€ 11.16€
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Chardonnay from Oinotropai winery in Messinia, which matures in American oak for approximately 5 months, gaining a buttery almost new world , charming character. Wine made to accompany lunch or dinner. Think roasted chicken or pork with rich sauces.Tasting note by Yiannis Karakasis MW..
11.90€ 12.20€
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From the beautiful vineyards of the Messinian land, overlooking the bay of Navarino, Navarino Vineyards creates a very tasty white blend from Chardonnay and Roditis.On the face we find a bright lemon green color. The nose is attractive and fresh, with fruity aromas such as pear, melon and peach, wit..
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Pale yellow color, floral aromas on the nose, with intense and long lasting hints of Muscat. Freshness and aromatic character in the mouth, with good acidity...
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An exquisite wine, yellow-blonde in appearance with green highlights. A bouquet of lemon and pineapple is found in the aromas, with the floral character following. Pleasantly aggressive on the palate, full, quite oily, with good acidity that provides freshness and leads to a long aftertaste...
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Shiny silver-yellow color. Intense aromatic character, with notes of exotic fruits, vanilla, banana, white flowers and spices. Roundness in the mouth and a pleasantly acidic and lively aftertaste...
14.80€ 16.90€
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Sweet yellow color with green hues, fruity aromas dominated by melon, sweet lemon, ripe peach, hints of nuts, shells and touches of parsley. Velvety & honeyed mouthsense with nice volume and good acidity that offers harmony with a sweet and salty aftertaste...
39.90€ 43.40€
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Yellowish color with aromas of citrus fruits such as grapefruit but also lemon. Light mouthfeel with mild acidity and nice aftertaste...
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