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Assyrtiko Wines

Assyrtiko Wines
Color: White
Types of wines: White, Dessert
Categories: PDO Santorini, PDO Santorini 'Nikteri', PDO Santorini 'Vinsanto', PDO Slopes of Melitona, PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia, PDO Paros, PDO Rhodes 'Vinsanto'

Description: The strongest variety of the Greek vineyard, hides rare virtues, giving wines with unique capabilities. This versatile variety is grown mainly in the Cyclades, it is based in Santorini, and secondarily, but with great results, in Northern Greece. It gives strictly chic wines, characterized by a mild-aromatic character, which, depending on the terrain and the area cultivated, not only has aromas of fresh citrus and yellow fruits, but also hints of tea leaves and mineral and metallic hues. It has a rich and full mouthsense, with minerality and alabaster acidity, characteristics that offer durability in time. This makes Assyrtiko, one of the few Greek white varieties that have the ability to evolve and emerge through aging. Assyrtiko is the main variety used in production of Vinsanto from Santorini, considered globally as one of the finest dessert wines.

Typical wine characteristics: Good acidity, iron, solid
Pale yellow in the glass, with green highlights. A sparkling wine with elegant, thin bubbles, symmetrically distributed and durable. On the nose aromas of flowers and citrus, with notes of acacia and bread to follow. Rich, aromatic mouthfeel and refreshing acidity that result in a fruity long aftert..
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Patistis winery follows the blanc de noir method for the creation of white wine from the Xinomavro variety, ie the acquisition of the white must of red grapes by careful exploding and juicing without pressure, so that it does not contain any dyestuff and other phenolic substances of the cortex.On th..
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Pale yellow color with hints of lemon, iodine aromas, citrus, butter and mineral notes, both on the nose and the mouth, where the acidity predominates. Cool, with good volume and flavor...
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One more wine is added to Manousakis winery white wines range demonstrating once again, beyond the raw material high quality, the oenologist Mr. Galanis' capabilities. Bright medium lemon color with glowing green shades and a nose full of freshness, green fruits, notes of white-flesh fruits and gree..
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Intense nose with nuts, mature yellow fruits, quince and intense fossility. Exuberant and stylish at the same time, fatty mouth, electric acidity and long salty aftertaste...
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Golden color of an Assyrtiko that was fermented for 10 days with its marc, but also Muscat marc, and was aged for about seven months in barrels of 500 liters. Aromas of apricot jam, peach, orange peel and some muscat notes. Full and exuberant mouth feel with rich tannins that evolves over time. Long..
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Bright orange and cloudy due to the lack of protein stability. Explosive nose, full of citrus aromas such as lemon, citrus, grapefruit, accompanied by herbs and grass-filled vegetation. Rich mouth with a high acidity that perfectly takes off the aromas of citrus, bergamot, lemon as well as botanical..
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In the glass we find a golden color. On the nose we find aromas of citrus, kumquat and lotus combined with the distinctive pine to characterize this wonderful Retsina. On the palate it is full and juicy, with high acidity, light tannic substance and lasting aftertaste...
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The new release of Christos Zafeirakis is Prologue, a sparkling rosé wine that is made with the traditional method and is a blend of the Limniona and Assyrtiko varieties, in a ratio of 50% -50%.Light, soft pink color with good foaming in the glass. In the nose we find a combination of red and citrus..
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Antonis Argyros in Exo Gonia Santorini and in the wonderful Art Space Winery, creates wines that demonstrate the typicality of the varieties, but also the uniqueness of the terroir of Santorini.In this label he creates a wonderful Santorini, from grapes exclusively organically grown. The color is ye..
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It all started at the beginning of 2000, when the winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas of the Avantis Estate in Evia fell in love with Santorini and the strong personality of Assyrtiko. In 2012 he returned to vinify the top indigenous variety, in the volcanic terroir of Santorini. High quality wines, sea..
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This Santorini is the first wine ever created by the winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas and became known as Delfinia (Dolphins). Now bearing its new name, it is the main label of Anhydrous and comes from selected vineyards.In the glass the color is lemon green. On the nose we find aromas such as freshl..
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