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Pnevma Tsipouro Sideritis

Pnevma Tsipouro Sideritis
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Pnevma Tsipouro Sideritis

A unique distillate produced by Th. Parparoussis under the custody and on behalf of Lefteris Thermos. Grape marc spirit "Pnevma" is produced by the distillation of the grape marc of the indigenous grape variety Sideritis, a variate that ripens around mid October in Achaia region at Northern Peloponnese. After fermentation, the grape marc is distilled in copper stills, where distillation takes place very slowly, giving an elegant, sophisticated and pure in taste and aftertaste single varietal distillate. A second separation distillation takes place to have the final product.

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Patra WinesRegionPatra Wines
<a href=''>Sideritis</a>VarietySideritis
42%Alcohol Vol42%
0.5Bottle Size (lt)0.5
NoOrganic WinesNo
4 - 6 °CServe Temp4 - 6 °C