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Hatzidakis - Winery

Charidimos and Konstantina, motivated by their love and knowledge on making high quality wine decided, in 1996, to create a winery. In the private vineyard of the family, situated within the zone of PDO Santorini, there was already a cave building (the traditional "caves" of Santorini). In 1997, it was literally transformed into a small winery which, since then, gradually evolves. The northern to northeastern orientated vineyards of the winery are located in Santorini and most of them are placed on the outskirts of the village Pyrgos Kallistis, at an altitude of 150-300 metres. Hatzidakis family has being implementing, since 1997, organic cultivation, in order to avoid the damaging side effects of pesticide and fertilizer application. The same philosophy is being applied on both owned and rented vineyards of the winery.
Stella Hatzidakis takes over her father's huge legacy and presents her first label. With the first priority being the harvest of top quality grapes, Santorini Familia is an outstanding quality wine that represents brilliantly the unique terroir that is grown in.Aromas of green apple, lemon and lime,..
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Hatzidakis Winery Nykteri 2019 Hatzidakis Winery Nykteri 2019
RP '07
JR '14
D '13
Yellow golden color. We meet the characteristic fruity aroma of Assyrtiko, where tea and dried fruit aromas stand out in a background of green apple . Exuberant mouth sense of high alcohol that gives sweetness, full and intense flavour and long lasting aftertaste..
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Clear, golden yellow color of medium intensity. In the aromatic and taste characteristics we meet tropical and citrus fruits, flowers, along with the botanical and mineral character to follow. In the mouth, the rich volume balances perfectly with the well-integrated acidity, where they lead us to a ..
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