The ancient Greek Retsina is a product resulting from the addition of pine resin in white wine and retsina originally helped make Greek wine known internationally because of its rather unique character. Retsina now however bears little relation to its older sibling! The new wave of modern Greek retsinas are here and we are proud to present a range of high quality Retsinas that transcend the specificity of resin, creating a valuable and balanced result of award winning high quality wines. All orders are available with express delivery to Europe, the UK and the USA.
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Mylonas Retsina 2019

A wine with a bright lemon color, with some green highlights to make their appearance. On the nose the intense aroma of mastic is complemented by gentle aromas of peach, mango, with notes of white flo..

6.70€ 6.60€
Ex Tax: 5.32€
Papagiannakos Retsina 2019
JR '16

Papagiannakos Retsina 2019

Pale yellow color and aromas of fresh yellow fruits and herbs, beautifully bound with resin. Cool and lightweight mouthfeel with quite good acidity...

Ex Tax: 5.48€
Kechris Tear of the Pine 2019
D '19
Silver (91)

Kechris Tear of the Pine 2019

The Tear of the Pine Retsina from Kechris has a straw yellow color, delicate aromas, with subtle shades of resin, hints of minerality and fruity nuances in a well made mouth with retsina adding someth..

15.50€ 14.90€
Ex Tax: 12.02€

Kechris Roza

 Kechris Winery has been present at the Greek table for years, with the traditional Kechribari retsina. Honoring the tradition and constantly innovating Greek wine, they created 2 labels based on..

10.50€ 10.30€
Ex Tax: 8.31€

Kechris Afros

 Kechris Winery has been present at the Greek table for years, with the traditional Kechribari retsina. Honoring the tradition and constantly innovating Greek wine, they created 2 semi-sparkling ..

8.30€ 8.10€
Ex Tax: 6.53€

Kamara Pure Nimbus Ritinitis 2018

Bright orange and cloudy due to the lack of protein stability. Explosive nose, full of citrus aromas such as lemon, citrus, grapefruit, accompanied by herbs and grass-filled vegetation. Rich mouth wit..

Ex Tax: 17.58€
Shinopefko Retsina 2018
JR '16

Shinopefko Retsina 2018

The aromatic resin surrounds the well made Savatiano, which is the basis of this Retsina, and as a result we have an extremely balanced set of aromas with bitter oranges, lemon, sweet bergamot, along ..

6.80€ 6.50€
Ex Tax: 5.24€

Tetramythos Retsina Amphorε Naturε

Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.This is one of the very few Retsinas that change what we know about this style of wine. Roditis from v..

Ex Tax: 7.66€

Pine Forest

A new generation of retsina, where the resin "sounds" faintly, giving the tone to a fruity accord. It has a crisp acidity, rich mouth, with clean aromas and taste, and with a long aftertaste, topped w..

12.00€ 11.50€
Ex Tax: 9.27€
Kechribari Retsina
Silver (93)

Kechribari Retsina

A classic retsina with aromas of pear, green apple and melon, with lime and mastic of Chios notes, in a background of fresh raisin...

Ex Tax: 2.02€
Tetramythos Retsina
JR '16

Tetramythos Retsina

A very well made retsina wine, with soft shades of resin, which come into full harmony with the cool aromas of lemon and fresh yellow fruit. Herbs in the mouth, cool and with good acidity. Aftertaste ..

7.00€ 6.90€
Ex Tax: 5.56€

Ritinitis Nobilis

Bright yellow color filled with green hues. Balanced nose where the resin ties harmoniously, without prevailing the fruital sensation. Mouth cool and aromatic, medium density, fine and long aftertaste..

Ex Tax: 6.53€