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Papagiannakos - Domaine

Papayiannakos established the first bioclimatic winery in Greece, which is situated at Kalogeri position, in Markopoulo, close to Vravrona archaelogical site. In 1919, the grand father of Papayiannakos family fills the first barrel and a new history begins. Since 1960, the new generation of the family maintains the high quality in wine maiking, combining the family tradition with the environmental conditions of the region, the warm, mediterranean climate and the fertile Attica land along with the new vinification methods applied.
Domaine Papagiannakos Savatiano Old Vineyards 2021
RP '20
JR '16
D '15
Papagiannakos winery is one of the oldest bottling Savvatiano while the winemaker is referred as the "patriarch" of the Attica vineyard variety, highlighting its potential. Vibrant look with bright golden-yellow color. Pure, intense and fruity nose with some mineral notes. Balanced flavor with nice ..
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Domaine Papagiannakos Kalogeri Malagousia 2021
RP '21
D '15
From the vineyard of Attica, a beloved Malagousia is produced with a golden color and typical varietal aromas of citrus, exotic fruit, fresh herbs and white flowers. We end up enjoying a wine with a round and balanced mouth feel and a pleasant floral aftertaste...
11.30€ 11.50€
Ex Tax:9.11€
Papagiannakos Savatiano (Barrel) 2018
RP '15
Lemon bright color, nose, and mouth with delicate touches of barel scent, but also fresh fruit aromas with emphasis on citrus. Well made and delightful wine, with delicious acidity and volume...
12.00€ 12.40€
Ex Tax:9.68€
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