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Biblia Chora Pinot Noir Sole 2018
D '15
Bronze (86)

Biblia Chora Pinot Noir Sole 2018

Purple color with aromas of red fruits with focus on cherry and berry, combined with spices and vanilla. Pleasant on the palate, with velvety tannins, good acidity and long finish...

19.20€ 18.80€
Ex Tax: 15.16€
Karipidis Fumé 2018 New

Karipidis Fumé 2018

Bright yellow color with green hues. Typical grape variety aromas of ripe fruit, melon, peach, quince, coexisting harmoniously with vanilla and spicy character that comes from the oak maturation. Rich..

14.40€ 13.90€
Ex Tax: 11.21€
Zacharioudakis Kotsifali 2017 New

Zacharioudakis Kotsifali 2017

Zacharioudakis organic wines have gained a lot of attention since they seem to optimally express Cretan terroir, showing its characteristics in both the white and red vinification.Vivid red color and ..

13.10€ 12.90€
Ex Tax: 10.40€

Chatzivaritis Negogka Carbonic 2019

Chloe Chatzivariti is a talented new winemaker on the rise, experimenting at her family winery towards the direction of natural wines. She has just released a new, charming and perfect-for-summer Nego..

Ex Tax: 13.23€

Chatzivaritis Migma PetNat 2019

The first PetNat of the estate belongs to the experimental wines of Chloe Chatzivaritis, a product of her co-operation with the winemaker Tobias Tullberg and it is absolutely natural, without any addi..

Ex Tax: 13.23€

Zafeirakis Natura Malagousia 2018

 A different interpretation of the extremely popular Malagousia variety, presented by the talented winemaker Christos Zafirakis.Vines of up to 20 years old from sandy-clay soils with high concentratio..

17.10€ 16.90€
Ex Tax: 13.63€
Petrakopoulos Gold 2019
D '18

Petrakopoulos Gold 2019

Bright golden color with clear aspect that mesmerizes. Full of flowers, ripe peaches and apricots, with notes of wet leaves, it revitalizes you with its acidity, which balances perfectly with the full..

16.31€ 15.50€
Ex Tax: 12.50€

Volacus Malagousia 2019

 Volacus is a family business affair o Michalis Kontizas and his wife Eirin, currently producing just 3.000 bottles. Of those, the allocation for 2017 was 1.800 bottles of Malagousia and 1.200 of newl..

Ex Tax: 13.47€
Pieria Erateini Efhes Erateines Red 2017
RP '12

Pieria Erateini Efhes Erateines Red 2017

Deep red color. Aromas of red fruits, spicy spices, tomato paste, sweet gentle oak, cherries and plums. Thick mouth sense with good acidity and well-structured tannins. Aftertaste with peppery duratio..

14.30€ 13.90€
Ex Tax: 11.21€
Petrakopoulos Mavro 2018
D '15
Gold (95)

Petrakopoulos Mavro 2018

Deep ruby colour that captivates.Medium acidity in the nose, with black fruits standing out, like black cherry, along with spices, tea features and chocolate. The full body blends together with its ba..

25.70€ 24.40€
Ex Tax: 19.68€

Petrakopoulos Orange 2019

The most extreme wine of the winery, from Zakynthino variety, with skin contact by the excellent winemaker Kiki Siameli. Comes from pre-phylloxera vines planted in cup that produce concentrated fruit ..

50.00€ 47.50€
Ex Tax: 38.31€

Petrakopoulos Robola of Kefalonia Thymari Petras 2019

Nikos Petrakopoulos and his winemaker Kiki Samieli are keen to capture and furthermore express the terroir of Kefalonia on each label they create. The cultivation is organic and they follow a "hands-o..

35.00€ 33.60€
Ex Tax: 27.10€

Petrakopoulos Robola of Kefalonia 2019

Lemon colours of medium intensity and fresh aromas of white-fleshed fruits, mineral notes, with balanced acidity and an intense presence of peach, mounted by herb tones and a lasting aftertaste with a..

17.50€ 16.90€
Ex Tax: 13.63€
Tsantali Kormilitsa Gold 2014
RP '07

Tsantali Kormilitsa Gold 2014

The Moscow Kremlin official wine is a super premium wine, which is the flagship wine of the winery, combining in an excellent way Cabernet Sauvignon with the local variety Limnio. Solid red color, wit..

119.00€ 109.50€
Ex Tax: 88.31€
Manousakis Nostos Romeiko 2019 -13%

Manousakis Nostos Romeiko 2019

Romeiko is indigenous to Crete. A black skinned variety cultivated mainly in the area of Chania, producing old fashioned wines until the last years. Now quality conscious producers, such as Manousakis..

10.20€ 8.90€
Ex Tax: 7.18€
Tsantali Agioritiko Avaton Gold Selection 2014
RP '14

Tsantali Agioritiko Avaton Gold Selection 2014

Dark red color, concentrated aromatic bouquet starring spices, chocolate and vanilla in a fruity background of sour cherries and blueberries. Bulky mouth, balanced with a perceived presence of alcohol..

43.00€ 41.70€
Ex Tax: 33.63€

Tetramythos Roditis Orange Naturε 2018

This wine is produced from a single vineyard in the PDO zone of Patras at an altitude of 850m. The exact location is Ano Pythos. Unirrigated bush-vines, almost 50 years of age, on limestone soils, pro..

21.00€ 19.90€
Ex Tax: 16.05€
Moraitis Malagousia 2019
RP '16

Moraitis Malagousia 2019

Light blonde with vivid shades of green. Rich aromas of citrus and exotic fruits. It is balanced on the palate, fruity, with rich flavor of lemon peel and grapefruit. ..

12.40€ 11.90€
Ex Tax: 9.60€
Moraitis Rosé 2019
RP '16

Moraitis Rosé 2019

Bright and light ruddy ​​color and honeyed aromas of strawberry, cherry and tomato. Refreshing and balancing acidity, with a delicious, fruity aftertaste...

11.80€ 11.40€
Ex Tax: 9.19€
Ktima Biblia Chora Ovilos Red 2016
RP '08
D '09

Ktima Biblia Chora Ovilos Red 2016

Deep purple color, complex aromatic bouquet consistinf of mature tones of red fruits, milk caramel, cedar, chocolate, cocoa, spices and nuts. Exuberant and intense flavor in a full body mouth feel, we..

31.00€ 29.80€
Ex Tax: 24.03€

Tetramythos Roditis Naturε 2019

Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.Roditis Naturε comes from nearly 50 years old vines planted in a cup form at 850 meters in mountainous Aig..

12.40€ 12.00€
Ex Tax: 9.68€
Theodorakakos Kydonitsa 2019
JR '15

Theodorakakos Kydonitsa 2019

Straw bright color, mild aromas of yellow fruits and vanilla. Good sense body, well-balanced, aromatic, lemon-like mouth-feel with a medium-level acidity and a good finish...

Ex Tax: 6.37€

Theodorakakos Mavroudi 2015

Dark cherry color and nose composed of a ripe bouquet of plum jam, quince paste, cocoa, chestnut and butter. Well-structured mouth, with tannins and strong personality...

10.20€ 9.80€
Ex Tax: 7.90€
Estate Papaioannou 2016
JR '10

Estate Papaioannou 2016

Purple in color and aromas of ripe red fruits on the nose, with hints of vanilla, tobacco and animal skin. Mouth with tannins offering body and character to this wine and a raciness giving acidity. Pe..

10.20€ 9.90€
Ex Tax: 7.98€

Sclavos Efranor 2019

Lemon yellow color aromas of ripe citrus aromas, roses and almond notes. Balanced mouthsense where the aromas are tasted and a good lasting finish...

11.50€ 11.20€
Ex Tax: 9.03€

Zafeirakis Limniona New Age 2018

Christos Zafeirakis' name is now a synonyme for the Limniona variety, as he is responsible for its revival. Classic Limniona is the one that laid the groundwork for many wines on the Greek market, com..

14.30€ 13.90€
Ex Tax: 11.21€

Dougos XS Rosé 2019

A cool, favorite and easy-to-drink wine for all occasions. It has dark pink color and intense aromas of fresh strawberry and rose. The mouth is light and pleasant with good concentration...

9.40€ 9.20€
Ex Tax: 7.42€

Tetramythos Mavro Kalavrytino Naturε 2019

Tetramythos winery dynamic entrance in the field of natural organic wines is quite impressive.It comes from 30 years old vineyards formed in a cup at 850 meters altitude. Natural vinification and agin..

11.20€ 10.90€
Ex Tax: 8.79€