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Wines from Irakleio

There are three P.D.O. wine production zones in Heraklion. The first, Archanes stretches on east slopes covered by mountain Psiloritis. Two red varieties of grapes are grown there: local Kotsifali, a variety with high potential in alcohol and Aegean Mantilaria with rich color and tannins. The red PDO Archanes is created from this co-vinification, a wine with complex aromatic palette, with aromas of violets and fruits, spices and chocolate, but also excellent structure and tannins. The second zone, Peza, spreads on low hills surrounded by olive groves. Here Kotsifali and Mantilaria are grown for the production of red wine with Appellation of Origin Peza. Equally famous is the white Peza which is produced from the old Cretan variety Vilana. The third production zone of Cretan wines found in the prefecture of Heraklion is Dafnes. Spanning on the north-eastern outskirts of mountain Psiloreitis at 300 to 400 meters. Mainly Liatiko, a native Cretan grape is cultivated here, which is considered one of the earliest Greek varieties. Ripens fairly early in July, hence its name: Iouliatiko - Liatiko (Ioulios is the Greek word for July). The wines with Appellation of Origin Dafnes are dry red or sweet.

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