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Wines from Irakleio

There are three P.D.O. wine production zones in Heraklion. The first, Archanes stretches on east slopes covered by mountain Psiloritis. Two red varieties of grapes are grown there: local Kotsifali, a variety with high potential in alcohol and Aegean Mantilaria with rich color and tannins. The red PDO Archanes is created from this co-vinification, a wine with complex aromatic palette, with aromas of violets and fruits, spices and chocolate, but also excellent structure and tannins. The second zone, Peza, spreads on low hills surrounded by olive groves. Here Kotsifali and Mantilaria are grown for the production of red wine with Appellation of Origin Peza. Equally famous is the white Peza which is produced from the old Cretan variety Vilana. The third production zone of Cretan wines found in the prefecture of Heraklion is Dafnes. Spanning on the north-eastern outskirts of mountain Psiloreitis at 300 to 400 meters. Mainly Liatiko, a native Cretan grape is cultivated here, which is considered one of the earliest Greek varieties. Ripens fairly early in July, hence its name: Iouliatiko - Liatiko (Ioulios is the Greek word for July). The wines with Appellation of Origin Dafnes are dry red or sweet.

In the era of Venetian-occupied Crete, the pedals from the loom of the nuns of the Monastery of Agios Antonios resounded to the Asites. Today the traditional Assyrtiko variety is cultivated in the same places and carves our future wine memories. On the face we find a medium lemon color with golden h..
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A new world-style wine, with an intense aromatic character, in which spices, chocolate and touches of a good barrel are dominant. Full, fleshy mouth sense, with rich flavor and very good tannins...
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Douloufakis Enotria White 2020
D '15
A wine with a bright lemon color. It is characterized by aromas of unripe citrus fruits, pear, green apple, with notes of vegetation to follow. Moderate body on the palate, with high acidity, with a medium-lasting but pleasant finish...
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The first single-variety expression of Mandilaria from Idea Winery. It has a clear, deep ruby colour and aromas of ripe red fruits, with notes of vanilla to follow. Rich palate, moderate body and refreshing acidity, combined with round tannins and long, pleasant aftertaste...
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One of the very few single varietal dry Liatikos, from upcoming Idaia Winery in Crete. Pale ruby color. Cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose together with red berries' aromas. Oak is well blended in. Full bodied with high alcohol, well balanced though by its soft tannins and a herbal twist on the finish...
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Miliarakis Winery started to vinify local varieties in the early 1930s in Peza, Crete. One of the most important wineries in the Cretan wine business, works with dedication on both local and international varieties, bringing out the Cretan wine.Red Turtle is a classic GSM blend, just as they make it..
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Idaia Winery Ocean Red 2015
D '14
Bronze (89)
Crimson dark color with violet hues. An interesting bouquet of aromas where notes of coffee, roasted nut, tobacco, ham and ink are distinguished and while they are evolving also ripe forest fruits aromas arise. Mouth with pretty good volume, with prominent tannins and vanilla scents in the aftertast..
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Lyrarakis Wines Vóila Assyrtiko 2021
RP '19
One of the most interesting Assyrtikos outside Santorini from old vines in Sitia and at an altitude approaching 600 metersSingle vineyard expression. Bush, unirrigated vines of low yields.Fruity as well as mineral, with moderate weight and lemony finish.Alcohol at 13% with a clean cut bright acidity..
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Zacharioudakis organic wines have gained a lot of attention since they seem to optimally express Cretan terroir, showing its characteristics in both the white and red vinification.Deep ruby eye-catching color. Aromas of ripe black fruit and jam, with notes of nuts, vanilla and dried fig. The mouth f..
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Idaia Winery Vidiano 2021
JR '16
D '16
Bronze (88)
Yellowish with decorating grayish hues. Muscat personality, aromas of "loukoumi" (Greek and Turkish delight), rosemary, rose, jasmine, lemon and quince. Moderate volume mouthsense and pretty good acidity, very lemony aftertaste that ends in muscat tones...
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Lyrarakis Wines Aggelis Liatiko 2020
RP '18
Liatiko is the pride of Crete in the red varieties, with Sitia having plenty of self-rooted and pre-phylloxera vines. The vineyard “Aggelis” is more than 130 years old, at an altitude of 500-600m.Low yields, very small grapes that give excellent quality and concentration of fruit.The small grapes ar..
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The new label from Idaia is a a red wine from Kotsifali variety, from a dry vineyard of low acreage yield in the area of Venerato, in Heraklion, Crete. Balanced fruity aromas on the nose, with small red fruits, strawberry and raspberry. Rounded, pleasant final result and a long aftertaste. Pairs har..
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