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Oreivatis (The Mountaineer) by Akriotou winery is a semi-dry rosé from 100% Syrah, which as soon as you taste it will make you look for it again. In the glass we have a bright, soft salmon color. The nose is elegant with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate and quince to star, with rose and ..
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Iordanis Michailides is a third generation winemaker in the area of Drama and he has been devoted in the production of high quality and expressive wines in a modern winery. Pyli Red is a fragrant and rich wine, produced from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.Aromas of blueberries, fore..
14.20€ 14.60€
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Oenogenesis Fegites Rosé 2019
RP '15
-14 %
Bright cherry color, elegant and aromatic nose, with sweet fruits and bubblegum scents. Mouth cool, with volume and pleasant, fruity aftertaste...
9.70€ 11.30€
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Medium red color and a complex nose, full of aromas of mature cherries, sweet spices, skin and herbal aromas, such as sage. Its mouth is elegant and follows the aromas of the nose, giving more emphasis to peppers, cinnamon and black chocolate that express the barrel, which is harmoniously integrated..
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Skertso wines are a pair of semi-dry wines that could be considered as a "wine mannerism" of Oinogenesis estate. It has a deep salmon color and aromas of caramel, roses and cherry. Fresh, aromatic and balanced mouth feel with good lasting aftertaste...
7.90€ 8.30€
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