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Blend of Varieties

Strofilia Rare Earths Galari 2018
D '17
Silver (91)
The Rare Earths series is the choice of people in the Strofilia Estate to highlight both their excellent work on local and international varieties and the individual vineyards that they have distinguished throughout the years. Galari, located in Ancient Nemea, is characterized by three innovative de..
15.20€ 15.50€
Ex Tax:12.26€
Bright pink color with aromas of strawberry, tomatoes and berries on a background of sweet spices. Light mouthsense where the acidity is balanced with the subtle sweetness, giving a harmonious finish...
Ex Tax:5.89€
La Tour Melas Idylle d' Achinos 2020
RP '16
D '14
From 100-year-old vineyard, the Rosé Idylle has a bright and soft rose color that captures the look and reminds of the rosé wines of Provence. In the nose it impresses with a refined fragrant composition with notes of rose, while in the mouth is easy to drink, cool, with nice acidity and savory inte..
Ex Tax:11.94€
Wine produced from the vinification of red varieties Xinomavro and Syrah. It has a balanced flavor, where strong aromas of small red fruits, cherry, strawberry and raspberry appear. With a unique volume, round character but also significant acidity, which guarantees a long lasting aftertaste...
Ex Tax:7.50€
On the face we have a rose color. The aromatic profile is intense, with strawberry, cherry and flowers in the foreground, with notes of herbs following. On the palate it is enjoyable with a medium+ body, where we find a wonderful presence of oiliness, cool, with lively acidity and lasting aftertaste..
11.90€ 12.40€
Ex Tax:9.60€
Salmon pink color, semidry, with aromas of red fruit and flowers, balanced sweetness and flavor freshness...
8.40€ 8.60€
Ex Tax:6.77€
Avantis Estate Lenga Pink 2020
D '20
Silver (92)
The new rosé wine of Avantis Estate comes stylically between the classic rose Aventis and the Plagies Gerakion with an almost sensual blend of Mavrokoundoura and the fragrant Gewurztraminer.Mavrokoundoura is a clone of the Aegean Mandilaria with more velvety tanninsPink-salmon color that continues w..
11.50€ 11.80€
Ex Tax:9.27€
In the glass we see a bright salmon color. On the nose we find strong aromas of red fruit with subtle floral notes following. On the palate it has a moderate body, crunchy acidity and a pleasant aftertaste...
Ex Tax:2.82€
Fruity, cool wine, with intense aromas of red fruits and strawberries, as well as rose notes. Full mouth, with intense strawberry and cherry flavors that are beautifully balanced its with herbal sense and crispness. Long lasting aftertaste...
9.40€ 9.70€
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Rouvalis Frangosikia 2019
Out Of Stock
An attractive Cabernet Franc-Roditis blend with a special color, reminiscent of the color of prickly pears. Here the cosmopolitan Cabernet Franc intertwines with the reddish Roditis and together they mature with their wine lees, giving a soft, elegant and gastronomic rosé. In the aromatic characteri..
10.90€ 11.20€
Ex Tax:8.79€
Palivos Vissinokipos 2019
RP '14
Deep crimson color, with strong candy aromas that bring in mind ripe summer fruits scents such as those of cherry, plum and yellow peach. Robust, tannic mouth feel, with an extremely refreshing acidity...
9.90€ 10.20€
Ex Tax:7.98€
Vivid rose color, rich aromas of strawberry and cherry jam, wonderfully cool flavor, with nuances of blackcurrant, in a well-structured ensemble with a long aftertaste and a soft sense of sweetness...
9.90€ 10.20€
Ex Tax:7.98€
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