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Antonopoulos - Vineyards

Antonopoulos Vineyards company is created by Konstantinos Antonopoulos, a man who has believed in the excellent vine and wine dynamic of Peloponnese land and particularly at the mountainous and semi-mountainous side of Achaia, contributing, thus, to their establishment as a PDO wine growing zone. In 1994, the enterprise was bought by Yiannis and Nikos Chalkias. A new, modern winery was situated recently in Vassilikos, in the Prefecture of Achaia, where is also located the main vineyard of the company. The rest of the vineyards stretch over the wider area of Achaia, at an altitude of 150-900 meters. The company uses grapes from a 855 acre land, from which 290 acres are privately owned. The rest of them belong to vine growers who have a permanent and stable cooperation with the company and follow the cultivation instructions of the company agriculturists.

Red bordeaux color with brick red hues, delicate aromas of tobacco, tomato jam, cashew nuts, ripe plum and hints of cinnamon, allspice, coffee and licorice. Rich and well-structured, velvety mouth with elegance and lively, good quality tannins that offer it volume and high acidity. Long finish...
23.50€ 24.60€
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Antonopoulos Vineyards Anax Chardonnay 2020
RP '09
Sweet yellow color with green hues, fruity aromas dominated by melon, sweet lemon, ripe peach, hints of nuts, shells and touches of parsley. Velvety & honeyed mouthsense with nice volume and good acidity that offers harmony with a sweet and salty aftertaste...
39.90€ 43.40€
Ex Tax:32.18€
Antonopoulos Vineyards Adoli Ghis White 2021
RP '14
Pale yellow color, fresh yellow fruits scents on the nose and notes of chamomile. Fruity and fresh mouth-feel with pretty good body, high acidity and refreshing aftertaste...
13.50€ 14.00€
Ex Tax:10.89€
Impressive strawberry color and a nose emerging fresh fruity aromas, ripe tomato, caramel and spices scents. It is a delectable wine with good body and crisp acidity. Extremely aromatic character into a long and sweet aftertaste...
13.70€ 14.10€
Ex Tax:11.05€
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