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Greek Sparkling Wines

The Greek sparkling wines are on the rise, following the general increase in wine consumption market, but also and the trend towards more light and easy to drink wines that can be consumed with or without food. See our list of semi-sparkling and sparkling wines (traditional method of second fermentation in the bottle, closed tank, etc.) from Greek varieties and try them.
Long-lasting foaming with intensity. Pale yellow color with soft aromas of almond flower, pear, peach, yeast and citrus notes. Well-built and floral mouth, enters sweetly and has a gentle acidity, minerality and a candy cool aftertaste...
10.30€ 10.70€
Ex Tax:8.31€
Amyntaio Sparkling Rosé Sec
RP '15
Brand: EAS Amyntaio
Dark pink color with fine, lasting bubbles. Strawberry on the nose, as also sweet tomato, cherry, nut and caramel notes. Mouth warm, alcoholic, with a mild acidity and a fruity character topped with a touch of sweetness...
11.90€ 12.40€
Ex Tax:9.60€
Amyntaio Sparkling Rosé Demi Sec
RP '15
D '20
Silver (91)
Brand: EAS Amyntaio
Delicate bubbles exuding fresh aromas of apple, plum, tomato and aromatic herbs, with hints of bread crust and yeast. Mouth rich, with crispy acidity and a subtle rounding sweetness...
11.90€ 12.40€
Ex Tax:9.60€
Charming pomegranate color, and nose exuding aromas of sweet red fruits like cherry, strawberry and pomegranate, and even violet and rose. Freshness and gentle sweetness in the mouth, while in the foreground, the scents of nose seal their presence on the palate...
Ex Tax:9.60€
Straw-greenish color, with fine bubbles and nose emphasising on yeast aromas, floral with hints of ripe peach. Slightly bitter mouth, with moderate volume and balance, but also particularly noticeable dioxide...
9.80€ 10.10€
Ex Tax:7.90€
Amalia Brut
D '13
Bronze (87)
Fairly long-lasting large bubbles, with an elegant and complex nose consisting of notes of pear and whiteflesh peach, white flowers and toasted bread. Mouth delicious with clean acidity, velvety and fruity, with nerve and the scent of primrose at the aftertaste...
15.50€ 16.30€
Ex Tax:12.50€
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