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Nemea Wines

The vineyards of Nemea are stretched in the plain and reach the foot of Killinio Mountain, at an area of 22,000 acres. The vines are planted at an altitude of 200-850 meters and the whole area is under the domination of Agiorgitiko. Deep blue, with spherical grapes and thick skin, the endowed Nemea grapes are popular and multi-talented, while they produce a plethora of different wine types. We will meet Agiorgitiko wine in a wide range of types: fresh, short ageing, deep ageing, but also rosé, blanc de noir. This red variety thrives and excels here where the cool North winds and low temperatures, which usually dominate, favour its smooth maturation. Although Nemea is the largest P.D.O. zone, however displays great heterogeneity. Different altitudes, terrains, microclimates make up a puzzle of complexity which offers a great diversity to wines which are here produced. Since 1971 the red, dry wine Nemea, belongs to the category of P.D.O.

Clear red color, aromas of fresh red fruits, cinnamon and camellia. Light and easy to drink mouth feel with distinct sweetness and medium volume...
6.30€ 6.40€
Ex Tax:5.08€
Bright yellow color filled with green hues. Balanced nose where the resin ties harmoniously, without prevailing the fruital sensation. Mouth cool and aromatic, medium density, fine and long aftertaste...
7.20€ 8.00€
Ex Tax:5.81€
Bright yellow colour with golden highlights. Intense on the nose with aromas of citrus and yellow fruit marmalade, with balanced acidity and body. Delicate taste with aromas of yellow fruit, honey and floral herbs...
Ex Tax:5.89€
A semi-sparkling aperitif wine, with refreshing fruity aromas of cherries, strawberries and raspberries, traces of juniper berries and cinnamon.  Candy and crispy mouthsense, with good acidity, mild foaming and delicate sweetness...
8.00€ 8.30€
Ex Tax:6.45€
Dense ruby color and delicate aromas of ripe fruit as plum & cherries, traces of chocolate & coffee and notes of tobacco & ginger.  Wonderfully concentrated and well-structured wine, with volume and exuberance, strong tannins and persistent aftertaste...
28.00€ 28.60€
Ex Tax:22.58€
Tselepos Estate Canava Chrissou Santorini 2017
RP '15
D '16
Silver (90)
A year ago we heard that the well-known winemaker John Tselepos decided to expand to Santorini starting with the raw materials (grapes) from the Chrissos-Drosos olg vineyards, at the Pyrgos area. The first result is a typical Santorini that deserves your selection. Yellow color with very soft golden..
Ex Tax:35.40€
Estate Papaioannou Old Vines 2015
JR '10
Purple in color and aromas of ripe red fruits on the nose, with hints of vanilla, tobacco and animal skin. Mouth with tannins offering body and character to this wine and a raciness giving acidity. Peppery, sweet aftertaste...
16.50€ 17.10€
Ex Tax:13.31€
Palivos Ploutos 2017
RP '13
Dark plum color with an initiallly closed "nose". With stirring and retention in the glass, solid aromas are reveiled, focusing on black fruits, ink, brown and green pepper, with hints of fresh herbs. Sweet and sour mouthfeel, with velvety tannins and a long peppery aftertaste with a blackberry jam ..
32.40€ 33.10€
Ex Tax:26.13€
Vivid golden color, aromas of white flowers, marzipan, butter caramel, pineapple and banana. Well-structured, rich mouth, with a perceptible sweetness, well balancing, holding on into a long aftertaste...
10.50€ 10.90€
Ex Tax:8.47€
Nemea Old Vines is an ultra premium 100% Agiorgitiko by Mitravelas winery, from 2 very oldvineyards (over 55-60 years).In the glass we will find a block buster wine that traces the concentration limits of the variety. We also find great aromatic and taste complexity, with red fruits like cherries, b..
44.80€ 46.40€
Ex Tax:36.13€
The White on Gray by Mitravelas estate is a typical Moschofilero, with a crunchy and expressive character. In the aromatic and taste characteristics we find fresh floral aromas and green apple, with the exotic fruits following. Moderate volume, with distinctive high acidity that stands out and a med..
6.00€ 8.10€
Ex Tax:4.84€
Gaia Wines 14-18h 2020
RP '16
Vivid rosy color, unripe red fruits on the nose, with emphasis on the gooseberry, the pomegranate and hints of bubble gum. Mouth balanced with delicious acidity and intriguing presence of tannins. Nice, sweet and sparkling aftertaste...
5.90€ 8.60€
Ex Tax:4.76€
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