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Kardasi - Distillery

Botanic Liqueur Kardasi 500ml
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It is produced for the extraction of rare Greek and international aromatic herbs, seeds and fruits. On the nose, intense aromas of citrus fruits, sage, cloves, cinnamon and bitter orange are distinguished . Velvety mouthfeel on the beginning with bitter finish, accompanied by an explosion of its bot..
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Using "tears" from the mastic trees of southern Chios, Kardasia family created a special mastic liqueur with pure and crystal clear character and the necessary (but as needed) sweetness with a long aftertaste full of mastic aromas..
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Amber color with aromas of ripe fruit, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and wood. Εxuberant and balanced taste with an elegant spicy aftertaste...
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Crystal distillate wirh rich aromatic bouquet, hints of spices, apple, pear and grape which last in the mouth. Unique and delicate taste...
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Transparent, with delicate aromatic character, quite fresh, with herbal and floral accents. Mouth sharp but balanced, pungent,with a characteristic sweet sense of anise in the aftertaste...
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