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Agiorgitiko Wines

Agiorgitiko Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose, Dessert
Categories: PDO Nemea

Description: The noblest variety of the Peloponnese region and one of the most important, and together, one of the most popular Greek, red varieties, cultivated in many regions of the country, with major cultivation around the region of Nemea. It gives wines with deep red color, fruity aromatic character, high-ranking in alcohol degrees, with a rich structure in the mouth, tannins and acidities.

Typical wine characteristics: Soft and fruity
The very successful blend of Christos Kokkalis, formerly known as MoVa, has changed name and appearance. The wine is now called Dialogos and the new Estate "Dyo Ipsi" (meaning Two Heights), located in Ileia, Peloponnese, named after the special topography of its vineyard, characterized by two slopes..
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The "second" label of the winery La Tour Melas from Achinos. The Merlot stands out from the blend, characterized by a rich fruity aroma, with emphasis on cherry and plum, tobacco and vanilla. Velvety and elegant mouthsense, with soft tannins and a peppery aftertaste...
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The multidimensional Agiorgitiko of Nemea is vinified in a unique way, in order to give a different expression to the variety. A fresh, aromatic, dry red wine that can be enjoyed slightly chilled at any time of the day.Typical aromas of red fruits, strawberry and cherry as well as hints of sweet spi..
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Vivid red color of medium density with light red brick highlights. Aromas of ripe cherries and plums, vanilla and cocoa, as also oak, coconut and notes of licorice. Light mouth-feel with a quite good acidity and tannins...
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Dry rosé Agiorgitiko, full of vitality, nerve and fruity character from the rising Athanasiou winery in Nemea. Vinification that highlights the aromatic profile of the variety, creating a pleasant and tasty rosé wine. From vineyards at an altitude of 650 meters. Organic farming and hand-picking, as ..
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 The Athanasiou winery is one of the emerging names of the Nemea landscape, giving emphasis on organic farming and excellent quality of fruit. Their Agiorgitiko is fruity and charming, whilst also excellent value for money.Traditional cultivation in vineyards of 320 meters over sea level.Fruitful no..
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Agiorgitiko 10³ is a red wine that comes from the strictly selected vineyards of Nemea located at the foot of Mount Koutsi. A classic red wine with a rich aroma of red fruits, coffee, chocolate, spices, with notes of herbs to follow. Thick and complex on the palate, with velvety tannins, good acidit..
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Matthaios Argyros and Manolis Chlorides, in collaboration with Argyros Estate, have created a "traditional" Santorini, a Santorini that comes from two of the island's top vineyards and is produced with limited human intervention, according to earlier models. For this reason, the fermentation takes p..
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This comes from a new boutique winery at Nemea under the consultancy of Kinigopoulos that is doing a great job in Koutsi vineyards. Daemon is a wine that combines finesse for enjoying it now but at the same time long time ageing ability, based on Burgundy wines techniques. The nose reveals aromas of..
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A fresh, dark red wine that without the barrel influence, is characterized by delicate notes of spices and fresh shades of cherry jam and cherry. Medium density mouthfeel, round and youthful, with soft tannins. Fruity aftertaste of moderate duration. Must be served slightly cool!..
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Almost solid purple color. Dense aromatic bouquet, expressed through lilac and violet aromas, hints of dried and ripe black fruits, ink, herbs and black truffle. Tender mouth with masculinity and peppery, long aftertaste...
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Panos Papagiannakopoulos, winemaker and owner of the newest winery in Nemea, utilizes the local red variety in a rosé wine that expresses all the primary aromas of Agiorgitiko, while at the same time being an ideal accompanion to Greek cuisine.Typical intense aromas of red fruits and blackberries su..
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