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Vasdavanos - Distillery

The Vasdavanos Winery – Distillery has been making wines and spirits for over 50 years. The family’s long tradition, deep knowledge and true love for wine-making are the elements that make its products stand out for their superior quality and unsurpassed taste. Today, the blending of the traditional methods and passion of the previous generations with today’s deep knowledge of modern distillation processes, the contemporary facilities  and the loyalty exhibited by consumers make the Vasdavanos Winery – Distillery the largest privately-held winery in the area.    

Clear, crisp, colorless with dense tears that drop back at a medium speed. Clear and intense aromas of fig, raisin, walnut and rose. Full bodied with warm alcohol and dry sense. The aromas are now felt in taste and even more as fig, raisin, walnut, pear, bergamot orange, rose, and clove...
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