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Limnos Organic Wines

Savvoglou-Tsivolas company, entitled Limnos Organic Wines, was founded in 2002. The purpose was to produce and distribute superior quality wines and distillates made from organically cultivated vines. Aim of the company is to take advantage of the varietal potential of Lemnos by exploiting the privately owned vineyards, as also the vineyards of cooperating producers. The company was formed by Ioannis Savvoglou, chemical engineer-oenologist, with 20 years of experience in the PDO Lemnos zone and the variety of Muscat of Alexandria and Pantelis Tsivolas with studies on business management and extensive experience in wine distribution. Ambition of the company is to highlight the charismatic variety of Muscat of Alexandria in limited edition bottles of dry aromatic wines as also fine sweet wines and other products. The winery exploits a total area of 200 acre vineyards (privately-owned or of cooperating producers) which are located in the regions of Agios Dimitrios, Kaspaka, Sardes, Daphne, Plaka and Kontopouli. The cultivated varieties are, mainly, Muscat of Alexandria, Limnio, Cabernet Sauvignon and Fokiano. The vineyards are being inspected and controlled by a scientist agriculturist and oenologist, as well as by the Organic Products Inspection and Certification Organization, DIO, that also inspects, controls and certifies the organic methods of cultivation and provides the corresponding Products Certifications.
A light expression of Lemnos dessert wine, which unfolds fresh aromas of mint, lime, orange marmalade, flowers Neratzia and candied rose petals. Mouth too full and sweet, the acidity in a second role...
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Vivid yellow color and aromas of ripe yellow fruits such as those of apple, quince and apricot jam, as also lemon blossom scents. Pronounced acidity, refreshing sweetness, as well as a bitter finish which makes it charming...
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