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Lafazani G. - Winery

The history of Lafazanis Winery begins somewhere in the first years of the 1950’s from Vassilis Lafazanis.
In the early 1950s, the first family winery was founded at Magoula of Attica. George Lafazanis, President and CEO of G.Lafazanis S.A. belongs to the second generation and after studying Economics at the University of Athens, he decided to continue the long family tradition.
After 50 years of winemaking, the bet for Lafazanis family is to make wines that express their era and come from the most selective vineyards. The high quality, the production size and the value for money relationship, allows their wines to be competitive in the all markets and affordable to as many consumers as possible. The Greek and International varieties that are especially appreciated and vinified with care in absolutely controlled conditions are Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero, Roditis, Moschato, Savvatiano, Asyrtiko, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc.
The company apart from its own privately-owned vineyards, collaborates permanently with a big number of wine growers which cultivate more than 2.000 acres and produce grapes with the required qualitative specifications. Today the G. LAFAZANIS S.A. apart from its continuous renewed technological infrastructure, it gives particular emphasis to expand and explot the privately- owned vineyard, as well as to increase and get established to foreign markets.


A well made fresh Agiorgitiko for everyday but not only that. Impressive aromas, with all the good of Agiorgitiko variety: plums, meat, vanilla, sweet spices and ink in a botanical background. Mouthfeel  with soft tannins, good structure and velvety feel. Peppery aftertaste...
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