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Gavalas - Winery

In the traditional village of Megalochori is located one of the oldest wineries of Santorini, Kanava of George Gavala.The Gavalas winemaking unit is placed inside the PDO Santorini zone. Nowadays, it extends over a private vineyard of 18 acres where indigenous varieties of Santorini varieties are being cultivated, such as Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani and several other rare, local varieties like Katsano, Gaidouria, Mavrotragano and Voudomato. The winery is equipped with modern machinery and has a capacity of 150 tonnes. The wines are distributed to Greek and USA market.
Gavalas Winery Nykteri 2021
RP '18
JR '15
D '14
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Pale lemon color.  Aromas with notes of tea, white-fleshed fruits, citrus, lively minerality and lemon flowers. Elegant mouthsense with moderate volume, highlighted acidity and delicate aftertaste...
34.10€ 34.70€
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Gavalas Winery Enalia 2019
RP '18
JR '19
D '14
Enalia from Gavalas winery comes from over 120 years old selected vineyards in Pirgos and Megalochori. When pressed, a whole batch is used, then it remains in stainless steel tanks with fine wine lees for 16 months and further aging in the bottle for a year and a half.On the face we find a bright go..
47.90€ 49.60€
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Gavalas Winery Santorini 2021
RP '19
D '19
Gold (96)
Pale lemon color and typical Santorini nose with notes of tea, as also lively scents of white-fleshed fruits, minerality and lemon hints. Mouth elegant with volume, sharpness resulting from the strong acidity and delicate, long and fruity finish...
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