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Lazaridi Costa - Domaine

Costas Lazaridis Estate, entitled Chateau Julia, was founded in 1992, in Adriani, in the prefecture of Drama. Starting from a privately-owned vineyard of 100 acres in the past, they are counting, today, 2200 acres of low yield crops where thrive the finest Greek and International grape varieties. The winery possesses rooms open to visit, with modern audio-visual equipment for conferences and other events. In the mid-2006, the construction of the winery, in Kapandriti was completed and the Estate started operating. It constitutes a building of 10,500 square meters, which includes halls for social and professional events, museums, aging cellars and testing rooms. There, is also located the winery of the Estate, modernly equipped and an organically cultivated vineyard of 200 acres. Moreover, the company owns a distillery which produces the tsipouro “Idoniko”, the fresh grape distillates “Methexis” made by the varieties Muscat of Alexandria, Chardonnay and Cabernet Saivignon and the “Methexis Cigar” coming from Sauvignon Blanc variety. In the late 2006 and after a long time research, the new products of Aceto Botanico Adriani line, which are subject to the production standards of the Italian balsamic vinegar, were released. The labels of the bottles have been designed by the painter from Drama, Yannis Nanos.

Costa Lazaridi Amethystos Red 2018
RP '11
Dense ruby ​​color, and an aromatic bouquet composed of sweet spices, jam chestnuts, prunes and raisins, dried fruit and roasted coffee beans. Mouth round and velvety, with good structure and a delicious aftertaste...
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Costa Lazaridi Semillon 2018
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A wine from a classic white wines Bordeaux variety in a rare, for Greece, single variety wine. Pale yellow color, characteristic aromas of apricot, vanilla and tea leaves, hints of butter and herbs. Well-structured, fresh and aromatic mouth-feel...
14.50€ 14.90€
Ex Tax:11.69€
The dynamic Cabernet Sauvignon is patiently distilled and yields a ripe and complex alcohol. The combination of the aromas of fresh bread, honey, hazelnut and chocolate constitutes the ideal epilogue to a nice diner...
Ex Tax:13.39€
Through a careful acidification process of  selected Semillon grapes, a dense, aromatic vinegar is produced, which will form the basis for a variety of aceto.  It is then aged for two years in oak barrels of 225 liters.  The aromatic potential is enriched by the barrel, giving a result of high gastr..
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Through a carefully controlled acidification process, a dense, aromatic vinegar is produced, which will be treated in different ways to produce a variety of acetos. Ages for one year in 225 litre oak barrels.  The barrel enriches its aromatic potential, while its affordable price turns a gastronomic..
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Through a carefully controlled acidification process, a dense, aromatic vinegar is produced, which will be treated in different ways to produce a variety of acetos. The clarification of this vinegar is to maintain its light golden-yellow color, being ideal for every use and mainly for dishes where w..
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The aging lasts for about 8 years and follows a route through oak, chestnut , cherry and honey barrels, with a capacity ranging from 3 to 50 liters. Thus, it earns a complex and sophisticated bouquet of scents that alternate between tobacco and vanilla, coffee and chocolate, spices and fresh herbs, ..
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The oak barrels in which this vinegar ages for about 2 years offer it a fine structure, as well as a complex aromatic character both on the nose as on its robust flavor. Its acidity is elegant and delicate thus adding finesse...
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The 4 year oak and chestnut barrel aging provides this vinegar a complicated and complex aromatic bouquet reminiscent of coffee, caramel and tobacco. It tastes equally dense and full bodied, with gentle acidity...
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Product of Multiple distillation in copper stills, this tsipouro has pure aromas and fruity character with hints of citrus. Smooth mouth feel, but also spicy and exuberant in the same time, so as to be able to pair with appetizers...
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