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Nissos Apocalypse Abbey Style Double Ale
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Nissos Apocalypse is the modern interpretation of a historic European brew type, originating in the 19th century. A sweet must of fine barley and rye malts is fermented in its tank with special Belgian yeast. The first fermentation is followed by a second, this time with wine yeast. Aromas of banana..
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Tholi is an unpasteurised, unfiltered beer, with much of the yeast – and the useful vitamins that go with it – still in the bottle. Its natural haziness is typical of, and imposed by, its category, originating in Northern Europe and dating back to the Middle Ages. Nissos Tholi is poured for bottling..
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Nissos organic All Day is made with certified organic barley malt, following a slow, traditional, and absolutely natural process. The cold fermentation creates a clear base, on which the aromas of the three types of aromatic hops are allowed to develop. Light, fragrant, without a hint of bitterness,..
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Nissos 7 Beaufort Baltic Porter
1 - 2 Days
A beer with a dark character and 7% alcohol. Three fine, roasted and caramelized malts are harmoniously combined to give coffee aromas and cocoa notes. Dark, clear amber color, almost brown, with white-beige foam. Exuberant foam, creamy, with duration and excellent lace in the glass. Normal carbonat..
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Nissos Greek Island Pilsner
1 - 2 Days
Nissos Greek Island Pilsner was inspired from island living, and from the magic of the Cycladic Islands. Easy-to-drink, and perfectly balanced. Crystal-clear, with a deep gold-copper colour, rich froth, and good lacing in the glass. An ideal pairing for Mediterranean cuisine. Aroma of malt with note..
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