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Markos brothers, continuing the 150 year tradition of the family, established a modern winery, in 1981, in Paiania, in Mesogaia of Attica Prefecture, a land widely known for making wine and in particular the famous wine retsina. Nowadays, the family fourth generation releases its first wines which are made with the knowledge and fresheness of the young wine makers, combined with the experience of the previous generations. The winery takes advantage of the 100 acre privately owned vineyards in Mesogia and the 100 acre organically cultivated private vineyards in Nemea. Moreover, they are supplied with grapes from cooperating producers. The varieties cultivated are: Savvatiano, Agiorgitiko, Assyrtiko. Roditis, Athiri, Moschofilero, Muscat, Malagousia, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Trebbiano. Retsina*: Greek white (or rose) resinated wine, which has been made for at least 2000 years.

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Markou Savvatiano 2014

A delicious and very interesting Savvatiano, full of aromas of bergamot and lemon blossom, with hues of evening primrose. Quite rich mouth feel with moderate acidity and good aftertaste. ..

6.70€ 6.60€Ex Tax: 5.32€

Shinopefko Retsina 2014 Out Of Stock

Shinopefko Retsina 2014

The aromatic resin surrounds the well made Savatiano, which is the basis of this Retsina, and as a result we have an extremely balanced set of aromas with bitter oranges, lemon, sweet bergamot, along ..

6.20€ 5.90€Ex Tax: 4.76€

Wine Expressions Trebbiano 2013 Out Of Stock

Wine Expressions Trebbiano 2013

Pale yellow color, with a nose unfolding its aromas step by step, revealing fragrances of white fruits and sweet spices. Mouth feel aromatic, moderately thick with a cooling acidity. Fresh aftertaste ..

9.90€ 9.00€Ex Tax: 7.26€