Color: White
Types of wines: White, Retsina
Categories: Retsina

Description: Savatiano is the most widely cultivated grape variety in Greece and commonly associated with retsina, although nowadays it is also vinified without the addition of resin, with great results. It produces white wines perfect for everyday meals with good acidity and alcohol balance and is often blended with Assyrtiko and Roditis. Savatiano wines are easy to drink, characterized by fruity aromas and typically offer great value for money. Major growing areas of the Savatiano variety include Attica and Central Greece and to a lesser degree the Cyclades, Western Crete, Macedonia and the Peloponnese.
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Light lemon color with intensely fragrant floral elements combined with fresh peaches, apricots and some hints of fennel and basil. Good acidity that balances pleasantly with the sweet sensation due t..

9.90€ 9.50€Ex Tax: 7.66€

Botanic Brut Sparkling

The first sparkling retsina produced with the traditional method (methode traditionnelle)! Lemon color with fine persistent bubbles, delicate pine and masticha aromas. Full-bodied with herbal taste an..

14.90€Ex Tax: 12.02€

Panagiotou Akakies 2015 -22%

Panagiotou Akakies 2015

Bright yellow-green color. Aromas of fruits with a focus on citrus. Kind of mineral sense and refined barrel notes. Exuberant mouth and elegant body. Good lasting aftertaste with acidity balanced b..

12.60€ 9.80€Ex Tax: 7.90€

Mylonas Savatiano 2017

Straw yellow color with soft green highlights, and citrus aromas, which are framed by charming touches of white flowers, apple, peach, hints of tobacco and herbs. Mouthfeel with good volume, good sens..

7.40€ 7.20€Ex Tax: 5.81€

Markou Savatiano 2017 -8%

Markou Savatiano 2017

A delicious and very interesting Savvatiano, full of aromas of bergamot and lemon blossom, with hues of evening primrose. Quite rich mouth feel with moderate acidity and good aftertaste. ..

7.40€ 6.80€Ex Tax: 5.48€

Savatiano Yellow 2018

 Nikolou Winery's suggestion for natural wines is a Savatiano with no addition of sulphites until bottling. The fermentation is done with native yeasts and is completed in oak and acacia barrels...

16.90€Ex Tax: 13.63€

Shinopefko Retsina 2018

The aromatic resin surrounds the well made Savatiano, which is the basis of this Retsina, and as a result we have an extremely balanced set of aromas with bitter oranges, lemon, sweet bergamot, along ..

6.80€ 6.50€Ex Tax: 5.24€

Kleftes 2018

Clear, moderate but shiny lemon color. As it approaches the nose, a burst of primary perfumes begins with the aromas of nuts, such as ripe peach, leading the way. Green fruits, such as quince and ripe..

8.30€Ex Tax: 6.69€

Papagiannakos Savatiano 2018

Papagiannakos winery is one of the oldest bottling Savvatiano while the winemaker is referred as the "patriarch" of the Attica vineyard variety, highlighting its potential. Vibrant look with bright go..

7.80€ 7.70€Ex Tax: 6.21€

Mylonas Naked Truth 2016

Naked Truth is a unique,single vineyard skin contact expression of Savatiano of Attica from  Vouno region. It is produced from very low yields of 20hl/ha and stays with the skins for 10 days. The..

13.60€ 13.20€Ex Tax: 10.65€

Papagiannakos Savatiano Vareli 2018

Lemon bright color, nose, and mouth with delicate touches of barel scent, but also fresh fruit aromas with emphasis on citrus. Well made and delightful wine, with delicious acidity and volume. ..

12.30€ 11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€

Papagiannakos Retsina 2018

Pale yellow color and aromas of fresh yellow fruits and herbs, beautifully bound with resin. Cool and lightweight mouthfeel with quite good acidity. ..

6.40€ 6.30€Ex Tax: 5.08€

Aoton Savatiano 2015

Aoton Winery is located in Paiania, just where the grapes were pressed by the family, right after the harvest. Today, oenologist Sotiris Ginis continues the family tradition and produced high standard..

15.50€ 14.90€Ex Tax: 12.02€

Aoton Savatiano 2017

Aoton means the finest of it's kind, in ancient greek, something that clearly depicts what the wines produced are; finest quality, with respect to the authenticity of the Mesogeia region of Attica, an..

7.70€ 7.40€Ex Tax: 5.97€