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Mavroudi Wines

Mavroudi Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red
Categories: PGI around Greece

Description: Mavroudi is one of the oldest Greek varieties, but at the same time an 'unknown' one, as it is found in Thrace, Central Greece and the Peloponnese, but its DNA data shows differences by place. It is a variety with small grapes, deep color, susceptible to rot and not very productive. It ripens slowly and gives wines with high tannins and deep color. In the aromatic character we find primary aromas of black and red fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, sour cherries and, post maturation, sophisticated aromas of spices, cocoa, coffee, leather, tobacco and vanilla.
Shiny red purple color, while in the nose it starts with discreet aromas and while it develops it releases a bouquet of ripe red and black fruits, dry plum and fig, pine tree honey, coffee, cacao and roasted almonds. Plenty of fruit on the palate with kind tannin, balanced acidity and a complex afte..
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Dense and impenetrable ruby color at a very interesting blend of two international varieties. Mature and rich bouquet of spicy aromas, with hints of violets and berries, plum jam, oak wood and tobacco. Full and robust mouth feel, with lofty tannins and a long aftertaste with hints of white pepper...
35.80€ 37.20€
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Fruity, cool wine, with intense aromas of red fruits and strawberries, as well as rose notes. Full mouth, with intense strawberry and cherry flavors that are beautifully balanced its with herbal sense and crispness. Long lasting aftertaste...
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Merkouri estate, with a 140-year history in wine production, creates a very special red wine from an old variety, few stems of which were found in the original own rooted clone ​​of the winery (1870) and was recognized as "Mavroudi".Bright, with a rich purple color. The aromatic character is complex..
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Mavroudi is one of the oldest Greek varieties and the Tsantali winery revived it, with the reconstruction of the Maronite vineyard in 1995.In the glass the color is deep ruby. In the aromatic character we find intense red and black fruits, with notes of herbs to follow. Full on the palate, with roun..
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The Nikolaidis brothers produce a special wine with minimal intervention, Natural Red. The wine consists of Mavroudi of Thrace (60%) and Limnio (40%), which are organically grown. This is followed by long fermentation in an amphora with native yeasts, pressing of the marcs by hand and maturation in ..
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Orange-rosy color with caramel aromas of cherry and strawberry. Delicious, leaving sweetness and refreshing acidity in mouth...
7.00€ 8.90€
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Shiny, deep crimson color. It has a complex bouquet of ripe red και black fruits aromas, cedar, dried plum and fig, honey, pine, coffee και cocoa, roasted almonds and spices. Full-bodied, balanced acidity, noble tannins and a complex and exuberant aftertaste...
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This is a rosé wine that it will be definitely loved. On the nose, distinctive fruit flavors such as strawberry and cherry emerge, with dominant aroma the one of tomato, typical of Xinomavro variety. The aromas continue in the rich mouth feel, with greasiness balancing acidity and nerve, while endin..
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Orange-rosy color with caramel aromas of cherry and strawberry. Delicious, leaving sweetness and refreshing acidity in mouth...
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Vivid red color of medium density with light red brick highlights. Aromas of ripe cherries and plums, vanilla and cocoa, as also oak, coconut and notes of licorice. Light mouth-feel with a quite good acidity and tannins...
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In the glass is ruby colored, with purple highlights. On the nose we find aromas of red fruits and spices with notes of vanilla to follow. On the palate it has a moderate body, lively acidity and a pleasant aftertaste...
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