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Thebes Wines

The plain of Thebes, which extends north, includes the Iliki and Paralimni Lakes, which provide with abundant water resources the vineyard plots of the region. Specifically in Thebes, the white, rosé and red P.G.I. Thebes wines have been institutionalised and are based on the varieties: Savatiano, Roditi, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet, Grenache, Carignan, Merlot, Syrah and Agiorgitiko.

Inspired by the valley of the Muses and the 9 Muses of mythology, the winery presents their "sweet" muse. A sweet wine from 100% Muscat, with golden-yellow colour and elegant aromas of honey and lemon. White fruit, pear and apple follow, as well as orange peel, caramel and honey on the palate. Extre..
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On the face we find a deep ruby ​​color. In the aromatic character we find aromas of sour cherry, raspberry, cocoa, vanilla, sweet spices, with notes of eucalyptus and cedar to follow. In the mouth the body is rich, with a pleasant acidity, strong but well-integrated tannins and a long aftertaste th..
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Attractive ruby ​​color, complex & charming nose, starring aromas of candied red fruits like ripe cherries and blackberries, sweet cherries and hints of rose. Well-structured mouthsense, with long spicy aftertaste...
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 Red Chrisolithos by Muses Estate is a single vineyard Merlot, velvety and full of complexity and fruit. It gets aged in small oak barrels, absorving the best aromatic elements, without them covering the fruity character.Pure fruit, with ripe small cherriers and blackberries that stand out.Medium vo..
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The new creation of the Muses estate is called Works and Days. The inspiration comes from the didactic poem of the ancient Greek poet Hesiod around 700 BC, which is written in dactylic hexameter and contains 828 lines. It consists of 100% Mouchtaro that was dehydrated under the sun for 7 days and ag..
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In the glass we have a ruby color with purple highlights. On the nose we find a complexity with aromas of black fruits, black pepper, cocoa and sweet spices complemented by notes of coffee and cedar, with hints of leather completing its character. On the palate it is rich, with pleasant acidity, jui..
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Bright yellow color with golden wreath, exuberant & complex nose featuring ripe yellow fruits like pineapple, yellow peach and banana. Creamy & juicy mouthsense, with delicious acidity, and mineral senses in the aftertaste...
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Muses Winery Mouchtaro 2021
D '15
Commended (83)
Dense purple color with violet hues and rich, attractive bouquet with an emphasis on the ripe red fruit and sweet spices on a chocolate background, roasted nuts, mint, vanilla and ink. Elegant mouthsense with velvety tannins, good structure and especially sharp acidity...
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Lemon bright color, fresh and fruity nose, with notes of citrus, green apple and apricot, hints of tea and orange blossom. Mouthsense with fresh acidity, balance and fruit in the aftertaste...
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A fresh red wine with purple hues. Τhe nose is composed of fresh red fruits and spices, vanilla, ink and magnolia blossoms. Soft and velvety mouthsense, with balanced acidity and a peppery aftertaste...
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