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A well-cared wine, produced with endogenous yeast, having passed 18-month maturation in barrels and eventually bottled unfiltered. It has solid black color, firm and complex aromas, filled with prunes & date fruits, mushrooms, cloves, vanilla, pepper and broth. Robust mouthfeel, filled by exuber..
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Deep ruby color with brick hints and aromatic bouquet full of black fruits and spices, such as pepper and cinnamon, with a few notes of bell pepper and herbs.Mouth full and aggressive, with its robust but velvety tannins and its balanced acidity leaving the proper result to the body. The flavor char..
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It has a bright golden color and good clarity. The nose is dominated by ripe fruit like kumquat and lychee combined with wonderful aromas of roasted hazelnut, honey and butter. It is round on the palate with gentle acidity, balanced with a long aftertaste...
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Domaine Nerantzi Koniaros 2016
JR '13
The ancient Greek variety, saved and cultivated at the estate Nerantzi vineyards, is particularly interesting, giving a wine with great aging potential. Concentrated fruit, dried herbs and ink prevailing in the gentle nose and a rounded mouth feel, with fairly good volume and still young tannins res..
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