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Rodos Wines

The microclimate of Rhodes is unique because it is characterized by the highest sunshine in Greece, while at the same time the high temperatures are moderated by the sea breezes blowing between May and September. Furthermore, the frequent rainfalls favor the viticulture. Thus, the island's vineyard spreads over two zones differintiated by their altitude. In the privileged high zone, on the slopes of Mount Attavyros, the vines are trained into terraces, known as “pezoules” and are 50-60 years old. The main grape varieties cultivated here, are Athiri and Mandilaria, which is called Amorgiano in Rhodes. We, also, encounter the Muscat White and Muscat di Trani, an Italian clone of Muscat. The Designation of Origin (PDO) and Geographical Indication (PGI) Rhodes, are white and red, dry and sweet, "quiet" and sparkling.

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