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Pieria Wines

The most interesting wine producing regions in Pieria are Pydna, Petra and Kolindros. From these regions are produced the Protected Designation of Origin (P.G.I.) Pieria wines. The cultivated varieties in this area are the local ones of Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Roditis, Savatiano, Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro, Pamidi, Limniona and the international varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Trebbiano.

Wine with peppery strength and maturity coming from its 12-month aging in barrels. It has a complex bouquet of red fruit jam, dried figs and prunes, spices and lavender flowers, which appear sequentially. Full mouth feel, with high acidity and robust tannins that characterize the variety. It feature..
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Chrysostomou Estate follows the family tradition and produces wines in an ideal terroir in Kitros, Pieria. A fresh Assyrtiko from the foothills of Mt. Olympus, which retains the rich mouthfeel of the variety with distinctive citrus aromas and refreshing acidity. Light yellow colour with gr..
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Chrysostomou winery is located in the area of Kitros, in Pieria, and has been cultivating vineyards for several decades, on steep terrain and high altitude. A blend of two Greek varieties, Xinomavro and Limniona, with all the characteristic aromas of both the varieties. Rich mouth, aged in barr..
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Located at the foothill of Mount Olympus, Kourtis Winery cultivates 60 acres of land, with strict organic farming standards, certified by “Green Control”. The terroir is perfect for wine production and taking into account the family's know-how, the results are excellent and (sometimes) rare. Oniros ..
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Pieria Eratini Gymnos Vasilias (Naked King) 2017
RP '12
Dense black color and spicy aromas of pepper, cherry, plum, coffee, vanilla and honeyed notes at the nose.  Full, thick and well-structured mouthsense, intense tannins, with subtle and fruity aftertaste...
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Following the success of its experimental Aglianico, the upcoming Kitrvs winery in Pieria, Macedonia continues in similar unconventional and revolutionary paths with a white variety this time. The exuberant and expressive Verdicchio.Fermentation in concrete. Matured party in French oak. Attract..
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Wine produced from the vinification of red varieties Xinomavro and Syrah. It has a balanced flavor, where strong aromas of small red fruits, cherry, strawberry and raspberry appear. With a unique volume, round character but also significant acidity, which guarantees a long lasting aftertaste...
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Yellow color in the glass, with greenish highlights. The aromatic characteristics highlight its tropical character with as mango and gouache fragrances, with botanical notes to follow. Generous on the palate, with characteristic cool acidity but also rich mouthfeel, leading us to a pleasant aftertas..
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META is a white wine of oxidative aging. The vinification process borrows techniques used in red wines, with the marcs participating in the entire fermentation process. META is distinguished for its white tonicity, a fact that gives a feeling of peppers on the palate, but also a brilliant minerality..
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Chrysostomou Winery is located in the Kitros area of Pieria and cultivates Malagousia in vineyards of 15 acres, on sloping grounds and high altitude. An one-of-a-kind Malagousia, with a distinctive character and rich aromatic profile. Fermented and matured for 6 months in French barrels, w..
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Pieria Eratini Winery Efhes Eratines Sweet 2015
RP '11
A delightful aperitif wine that deifies the popular "Greek" Malagousia grape variety in its sweet version. Amber color, sweet, delicate and revitalizing nose, with purity and persistence. Apricot, peach, orange marmalade, honeysuckle, sage and honey aromas unfold and continue in taste and aftertaste..
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Kitrvs winery's new label is called Estella and is a blend of Syrah with Aglianico. Fermentation takes place in concrete tanks, where it then remains for and ages for 7 months.In the glass we find a bright salmon color. Aromas of flowers and stone fruits unfold in the nose, followed by notes of citr..
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