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According to historical records, the Ismarian and Maronios wines were a noteworthy indicator of the local wine production in the past. However, with the passage of time, the wine production of the region showed a reduction, which, in recent years, managed to recover. Thus, nowadays, the ideal microclimate of the area favours extremely the viticulture and the vineyards stretch over the hills amphitheatrically, overlooking the Aegean Sea and cooled by the sea breezes. The result is the production of particularly exquisite wines, mostly coming from the varieties of Limnio, Roditis, Zoumiatiko, Mavroudi, Muscat of Alexandria, Chardonnay, Syrah and Grenache rouge.

Kikones Maron Red 2015
JR '17
Dense purple color, with purple hues. Ripe aromas of tomato paste, plum jam, pepper, smoke, vanilla and herbal cues. Balanced wine with rich and sharp tannins. Thick body and aromatic aftertaste...
16.90€ 17.40€
Ex Tax:13.63€
Estate Kikones Limnio 2018
RP '09
JR '15
Bright red color in a wine with gentle aromas of red fruit, spices, caramel and dried fruit. Mouth with freshness, youthful, with acidity and tannins that make their presence felt...
25.50€ 26.30€
Ex Tax:20.56€
Domaine Kikones Ippeas 2017
JR '10
Deep purple color, in a wine with concentrated and profound nose. Ripe plum, red fruits jam, coffee and vanilla notes. Mouth with good volume, tannins that give structure and juicy and oblong aftertaste...
20.70€ 21.30€
Ex Tax:16.69€
Kikones Estate Chardonnay 2022
RP '11
Bright lemon color with golden highlights. On the nose, white - fleshed peach, pineapple, lemon, vanilla and toasted bread. Full bodied mouthfeel, fresh, clean, quite oily, with a well-balanced acidity. An enduring, fruity finish. Suitable for ageing ,where here the aromas will develop and get more ..
28.70€ 29.60€
Ex Tax:23.15€
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