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Central Greece

The viticultural interest of central Greece is mostly focused on the eastern areas which are favored by the virtues of the Aegean Sea and those are Fthiotida, Boeotia, Attica and Evia. The internationally known Retsina as also 22 more P.G.I. wines: Sterea Ellada, Valley of Atalanti, Opountia Lokrida, Slopes of Knimida, Thiva, Slopes of Kithairona, Karystos, Lilandio Pedio, Ritsona Avlida, Attikos, Anavyssos, Villiza, Northern Slopes of Penteliko, Martino, Gerania, Ilio, Koropi, Markopoulo, Paiania, Pallini, Slopes of Parnitha and Spata are produced under the hot and dry climatic conditions of Central Greece. The long history of that place testifies that the vine was always playing here a catalytic role. Today, in mountainous and lowland vineyards, where mediocre sea influences and the protective phalanx of mountains create a perfect terroir for the production of quality grapes, the great variety of soils and microclimates was supplemented by a remarkable variety of white and red, Greek and foreign grapes: Roditis, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Robola, Malagouzia, Savatiano, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Sémillon, Limnio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc.

The latest creation of Vasiliki Akriotou is the Wild Mountaineer, a Savatiano which is fermented with wild yeasts, to give us an enjoyable result. On the face we can see a lemon color. The aromatic profile is intense, with citrus, banana, apricot, lychee, white flowers starring and notes of butter, ..
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Bright ruby color with purple highlights. Intense nose, with red fruits such as cherries starring, with blueberries following and floral notes complementing its aromatic character. Elegant on the palate, with medium+ body, lively acidity, with the well-integrated and soft tannins leading us to a ple..
Ex Tax:9.27€
Oreivatis (The Mountaineer) by Akriotou winery is a semi-dry rosé from 100% Syrah, which as soon as you taste it will make you look for it again. In the glass we have a bright, soft salmon color. The nose is elegant with aromas of strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate and quince to star, with rose and ..
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Microwinery Akriotou Erimitis (Hermit) Red 2020
JR '20
Dense ruby color. The aromatic profile is intense, with red fruits, violets, nutmeg, cinnamon, with hints of herbs. Full mouthfeel, with lively acidity, mild tannins and a long lasting aftertaste...
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Soft lemon color, with golden highlights. The aromas consist of citrus, white-fleshed and tropical fruits, followed by hints of herbs. Mouthfeel is moderate bodied, with buttery sensation that balances well with the pronounced acidity and leads us to a good lasting aftertaste...
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It has a rose color. The aromas are intense, consist of strawberry, cherry and flowers in the foreground, with notes of herbs following. Mouthfeel is enjoyable with a medium+ body, where we find a wonderful presence of oiliness, cool, with lively acidity and lasting aftertaste...
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Akriotou Microwinery Oreivatis (The Mountaineer) White 2022
RP '17
JR '22
The oenologist Vassiliki Akriotou, after years of experience in vineyards in Central Greece, decided to pursue her own project, which proved to be quite an achievement. Hence, the first wines took their name: Oreivatis. The white label is a Savatiano from 35-40 years old vineyards, in the area of Pl..
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