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Karditsa Wines

The wine region that stretches on the plains surrounding the city of Karditsa and villages Agrafa, is located at an altitude of 250-600 meters. Here P.D.O. red Black Mesenikola is produced by a blend of the homonymous local grapes with Carignan and Syrah. This is the most recent Greek Designation of Origin.

A wine with a light lemon green color. It is characterized by aromas of unripe citrus fruits, flowers, nuts, green apple, with notes of herbs to follow. On the palate it is of moderate body, with high acidity, with a medium duration but pleasant finish...
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In the glass we find a bright lemon color. It is characterized by aromas of citrus, pear, plant elements, with mineral notes following. The palate has a moderate body, with lively acidity and good aftertaste...
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The Karamitrou family has a history in wine that dates back to 1880, while it began bottling it in the last 15 years. Monsieur Nicolas, after whom it is named, would be very proud of this wine today.The wine has a deep ruby color. We find aromas of red fruits, violets, followed by floral notes while..
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