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The history of the distillery family Pitsiladi starts at the beginning of the 19th century when we find family lived in Pergamum. Two of the Pitsiladi brothers, Panagiotis and John, in the mid of 19th century and having experience in a winery as they worked in a distillery at Pergamum, they arrived in Mytilini, installed at Plomárion and set up their first distillery next to the river. They were initially involved in the production of wine, which they had learned in their hometown. Later, they began to distil grapes, cranberries, blueberries, and the distilled alcohol was then distilled again with anise, thus producing their first ouzo. Along the way, they systematically dealt with ouzo while they also produced quantities of wine and vinegar.

Panagiotis also employed in the distillery his two sons, Vassilis and John.  John Pitsiladis died in 1940 and the company continued to work by Vassilis until 1958. In 1950, the distillery changed its labels to the yellow and red colors used today. After the death of Vassilis Pitsiladis in 1958, the son of Mirsini Pitsiladis (sister of Vassilis and John), Pantelis Kleidaras took over the distillery, since till then he was working as an assistant and knew the work.

From 1957 onwards, the distillery produces Ouzo Pitsiladi and Brandy until the mid-80s, when it finally stopped producing brandy and continued exclusively with the production of Ouzo. In 1984, the distillery passed into the hands of the current owner, John Kleidaras (from his father Pantelis) who continued the production of Ouzo loyal to family tradition, in the same traditional way. By soaking aniseed and cereal grains in seawater, without using sugar to accelerate the distillation but with a well hidden family secret recipe. The mindset of the distillery within these 120 years remains the same, i.e. "quality is more inmportant than volume of production".

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Ouzo Plomari Pitsiladi

Different and peculiar ouzo with rare finesse and raciness, as well as nice, rich flavor and balanced taste with very distinctive sweetness...

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