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Tsikoudia & Other Distillates

Find Cretan Tsikoudia and other Greek grape distillates at the best prices! Great choices from large and small producers. Find the one that suits you or contact us for our recommendations!
Brand: Stala
The young distiller Giannis Platsas managed to create Stagma vodka and bring it to the desired ratio of water and alcohol, after many taste tests. As he emphasizes, "the water used is very important for the preparation of a good vodka with a delicious depth". The refined taste of Stagma is due to wa..
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Stray Dog is a gin produced and bottled in Greece and is the inspiration of Giannis Libanos, a second generation Greek-American, where with its creation he wanted to capture the beauty and essence of Greek taste through a modern recipe.Its delicious palette comes from the 10 Greek herbs it contains:..
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This distillate encapsulates the character of this particular Greek variety. Shiny color complex aromas of earthy flavors like dried leaves, dried tomato and sweet spices like cloves and black pepper. Spicy and oily mouthsense, with dominant flavors of nutmeg, carnation and liquorice...
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Makryonitis distillery from Syros is a pioneer, creating a distillate from fresh figs. An excellent work, with special organoleptic characteristics and distinctive aroma, due to the selected Syrian fresh figs which, after being collected from the trees, are subjected to controlled fermentation and t..
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The blended Tsikoudia of the distillery, mixed with thyme mountain honey harvested by Cretan apiarists and local aromatic herbs, without adding any synthetic colourants. It is produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics in Rethymno. It reveals its golden, clear c..
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The grape variety Moschato Spinas grows in the mountains of Crete. With its dynamic and aromatic character full of surprises, it gave us a fine distillate, gracious and smooth, with a lasting, enduring aftertaste. It is produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics..
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The French grape variety Syrah acclimatized perfectly in the warmth of Crete, adding all the proper gifts and the characteristic dark colour of its grape. It reveals intensity and an afterglow, while its distillate represents the most intense tsikoudia. The aromas are earthy, warm and delicate, with..
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It is the heart of the best Cretan grapes from selected vineyards of the island. Produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics in Rethymno, their distillate reveals a fully balanced aftertaste as well as its typical intense and strong aroma...
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For the first time in Greece, Lost Lake Distillery created a unique distillate of fine lees (hefebrand). The production process begins as with any distillate: after the fruit is collected and fermented, the fine lees are removed and then distilled. The result is a rich and velvety mouthfeel, with 40..
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Single-variety Robola distillate is like a great film. The script has existed for several years but the conditions of this particular "production" have now given us the fruit we were looking for. Very low acreage yield, controlled fermentation, slow distillation, are just a few of the things we cons..
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Brand: Concepts Ltd
Votanikon is an excellent gin with special taste complexity, which highlights the botanical heritage of Greece. Created from a combination of 20 aromatic herbs such as mountain tea from Olympus, basil and dittany from Crete, juniper from the mountains of Macedonia, Kozani saffron, Chios mastic, citr..
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Brand: Mataroa
Mataroa Pink is the new premium gin of the Melissanidis distillery. Its composition is based on the already favorite recipe of the original Mataroa (12 exquisite herbal ingredients from Mediterranean countries), enriched with two key ingredients, always Mediterranean, pomegranate and hibiscus. Sligh..
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