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Large variety of high quality olive oils, many special vinegars, such as aged, balsamic, or with aromas and flavors, but also other cooking products such as Agourida, molasses, Vineleaves, syrups etc. In Greece and Grapes you can choose the special product you are searching for.
It all starts from the famous Greek grapes of the variety Agiorgitiko, that can be vinified. In ripe organic grapes the classical red vinification with controlled temperature is applied and without any addition of sulphites or other additives, a wine with intense fruit and spice aromas and a typical..
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The aging lasts for about 8 years and follows a route through oak, chestnut , cherry and honey barrels, with a capacity ranging from 3 to 50 liters. Thus, it earns a complex and sophisticated bouquet of scents that alternate between tobacco and vanilla, coffee and chocolate, spices and fresh herbs, ..
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The oak barrels in which this vinegar ages for about 2 years offer it a fine structure, as well as a complex aromatic character both on the nose as on its robust flavor. Its acidity is elegant and delicate thus adding finesse...
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The 4 year oak and chestnut barrel aging provides this vinegar a complicated and complex aromatic bouquet reminiscent of coffee, caramel and tobacco. It tastes equally dense and full bodied, with gentle acidity...
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The first part of Assyrtiko must after becoming dry wine is acetified in oak 500lt acetifiers according to the traditional method of Orleans. The new dry resulting vinegar is aged for 4 years in old oak barrels of 225lt. The second part of the must is boiled over low heat in copper kettles and conce..
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