Douloufakis wines

Douloufakis family has a long tradition in viticulture and wine making, which starts in 1930, when grandfather Dimitris Douloufakis starts, for the first time, occupying professionally with the production of wines in old traditional premises. In 1952, Douloufakis family participated in the 17th International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki and was awarded for the quality of its products. Nowadays, Nikolaos Douloufakis, grandson of Dimitrios continues the family tradition, after having graduated, as an oenologist, from the University of Alba, in Piemonte, in Italy. After finishing his studies, he worked for wineries in Italy and then came back to Crete, where he proceeded to the reconstruction of the vineyard, the cultivation of new varieties, the mechanical cultivation of the land and the implementation of ecosystem friendly cultivation methods. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 300 meters and cover an area of 82 acres within the wine growing zone of Daphnes. The cultivated varieties are Vilana, Vidiano, Moschato of Spina, Malvasia, Mantilari, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Liatiko, Kotsifali, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Syrah. Apart from the privately-owned vines, grapes are also supplied by local farmers.
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Douloufakis Alargo Syrah 2013 -9% Out Of Stock

Douloufakis Alargo Syrah 2013

Deep red appearance, with a complex bouquet of aromas that are expressed through notes of cherry jam, plum, vanilla, chocolate and ham. Mouth that is characterized by a plethoric, new worlds wine char..

9.30€ 8.50€Ex Tax: 6.85€

Enotria White 2017

Pale lemon color, rich and impressive aromas of fresh yellow fruits, jasmine and rosemary. Mouth crispy and fresh, with a deliciousand sweetish aftertaste. ..

4.50€Ex Tax: 3.63€

Dafnios White 2017

Pretty intense golden color, "ripe" nose with fruit like apricot, orange, bergamot, lime blossom and jasmine. Pleasant mouthsense, full and round with a nice oily feel, good & crispy acidity and f..

7.50€Ex Tax: 6.05€

Aspros Lagos (White Rabbit) White 2017

Gold color with greenish hues. Citrus fragrances with apricot and white flowers being dominant. Mouth exuberant and oily where the ripe fruit aromas are felt. Long-lasting vanilla aftertaste. ..

15.80€ 15.70€Ex Tax: 12.66€

Dafnios Red 2016 Out Of Stock

Dafnios Red 2016

Cerise medium density color, with aromas of spices, ripe red fruit, violet and cues from ink. Soft mouth with a good enough balance and a velvety, fruity aftertaste. ..

8.90€ 8.50€Ex Tax: 6.85€

Aspros Lagos Red 2015

A new world-style wine, with an intense aromatic character, in which spices, chocolate and touches of a good barrel are dominant. Full, fleshy mouth sense, with rich flavor and very good tannins. ..

12.50€ 11.90€Ex Tax: 9.60€