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International Variety

Unique Greek varietal wines of international varieties. Dominant varieties in this category are the Cabernet Sauvignon, the Merlot and the Syrah, but you will also find remarkable options for Nebbiolo, Touriga National, Malbec and even Mencia or Negro Amaro.
Tselepos Kokkinomylos 2018
RP '12
D '12
The latest year of this exceptional Merlot with vibrant intense color, red ripe fruit scents on the nose with notes of vanilla and tobacco. Long, fruity aftertaste with soft tannins and a characteristic acidity which offers a creamy sensation.  Time can only improve this wine...
26.80€ 28.50€
Ex Tax:21.61€
Concentrated almost black color, and intensely smoky nose that leaves a little space to discern subtle aromas of white pepper, leather, currant and toasted bread. Mouth-feel thick, alcoholic, very spicy with intense acidity and soft tannins. Sweet aftetaste...
19.60€ 20.00€
Ex Tax:15.81€
Deep red appearance, with a complex bouquet of aromas that are expressed through notes of cherry jam, plum, vanilla, chocolate and spices. Mouth that is characterized by a plethoric, new worlds wine character, full, with velvety tannins and a warm, spicy, lasting aftertaste...
9.92€ 10.90€
Ex Tax:8.00€
Costa Lazaridi Amethystos Cava 2018
RP '15
A wine with Michael Rolland signature that the estate has a collaboration the last years. Deep ruby red color, with a nose of pepper and spices aromas, cherry jam and chocolate. Soft and easy to drink, round mouth-feel with a very nice and warm finish...
25.18€ 26.00€
Ex Tax:20.30€
Mega Spileo Syrah 2013
RP '11
D '10
Commended (84)
Dark crimson color and aromas of ripe red fruits framed by hints of chocolate, pepper, nuts, raisins and ham. Velvety and balanced mouth with good volume and fairly soft tannins. Sufficiently long aftertaste with peppery finish...
13.00€ 13.60€
Ex Tax:10.48€
One of the top Greek Cabernet Sauvignon. The cosmopolitan Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyards of the Rouvalis estate reveals its enjoyable character. Intense dark purple color with brick highlights. The nose is characterized by ripe forest fruits, green pepper, ink, cedar, with the discreet presen..
15.80€ 16.10€
Ex Tax:12.74€
Anny's Animus Merlot 2012
Only 1 Left
Black, solid color in a wine with a vibrant fruital character on the nose and scents of herbs. Typical aromas such as plum, fruit preserves, herbs and evening primrose as also sweet barrel hints. Mouth thick and filled with vegetable elements on the palate, with velvety, lively tannins...
Ex Tax:18.23€
Everyday, easy-to-drink wine with a deep purple color, aromas of blackberries, on a background of vanilla and coffee beans. Soft and buttery mouthfeel with round tannins, fresh acidity and a juicy, fruity aftertaste...
Ex Tax:4.92€
Deep purple color in the glass. The nose is rich and intense, with aromas of red fruit, dried plum, violet and pepper, with notes of cinnamon to follow. On the palate the body is medium+, with good acidity, elegant tannins and a pleasant aftertaste...
Ex Tax:5.32€
Karipidis Syrah Pétasos 2014
Only 1 Left
Bright red, vibrant color. Floral nose, with traces of butter, brandy and feel, while at a second level displays fruit, distinctive barrel and vanilla. Full and well-structured mouthsense, with a sense of alcohol and sweet aftertaste...
13.80€ 14.30€
Ex Tax:11.13€
On the face we have a deep ruby color. On the nose we find an abundance of red and black fruits such as cherry, sour cherry, raspberry, on a background of black pepper and eucalyptus. In the mouth it is rich, with good acidity, strong tannins and a long aftertaste...
14.80€ 15.10€
Ex Tax:11.94€
The Single Vineyard Syrah comes from vineyard block #2, planted since 1987 at the Kir Yianni Estate, where since 2004 a quantity of this particular vineyard participates in the blend of Two Olives but the unique quality of the grapes led the people of the winery to vinify it as single vineyard.In th..
Ex Tax:17.98€
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