Valampous Yiannis

The winery idea was started by John Valampous in 2011, when he started replanting the inherited abandoned estates. The vines were in possession of the family since 1988, but they were operated by third parties. The first wine, which was the maiden project by Yiannis Valampous and his oenological team, was hosted at the Boutari winery. For the first and last time, however, since the reception facilities and the brand new winery at Vourvoulos in the northeast of the island, is now ready to welcome the noble fruit of the basaltic land. The label Vassaltis refers to the name that comes from the injected igneous rock formed by rapid cooling of basaltic lava, as it is considered to cover the island 3700 years ago.

The oenological team includes Elias Roussakis, that came from Tinos Vineyards, with past experience in France and is mainly engaged in winemaking. John Papaoikonomou from Santorini, served for several years the estate Sigala, but carrying additional experiences from the vineyards of M. Chapoutier Rhone and Mount Bay in New Zealand. He is more concerned with viticulture, but his experience will be very useful at the winery as well.

In 2015-2016 is expected to release a second label (Assyrtiko Barrel) and we all believe that the best is yet to come.

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Vassaltis Santorini 2018
RP '17
JR '16
D '18
Silver (92)

Vassaltis Santorini 2018

Shiny gold color and elegant complex nose aromas, such as green apple, peach, flint. Strict mineral character with oily hints and salty aftertaste...

26.00€ 25.60€ Ex Tax: 20.65€

Vassaltis Nassitis 2018

Light yellowish bright color and nose with gentle fruity aromas like ripe citrus notes, white flowers, tea leaves and fresh almond. Raciness on the palate due to good acidity, well structured with fru..

18.90€ Ex Tax: 15.24€
Vassaltis Santorini Barrel Oaked 2018 Only 1 available

Vassaltis Santorini Barrel Oaked 2018

Barrel aged, with aromas of lemon, white blossoms and peach. Quite buttery texture, with citrus and honey on the palate. Long acidic finish with light oak notes, which makes it more complex...

34.30€ 33.30€ Ex Tax: 26.85€