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Greek Tannat Wines

Greek Tannat Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose
Categories: PGI

Description: Although it is considered the ethnic variety of Uruguay, the red Tannat is traditionally cultivated in southwestern France. In our country it is grown on very small plots. It gives deep colored wines, usually quite tannic, with high levels of alcohol, aromas of blackberry and a significant aging capacity.

Typical wine characteristics: Rich and tannic
This is the crown jewel of the Alpha estate in that, for 2015, the Montepulciano and Tannat varieties coexist. The varieties provide a deep ruby ​​color, with purple highlights. The complexity of the aromas is evident in the nose, with predominantly red and black fruits, then we find spices, cocoa, ..
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The Rare Earths series is the choice of people in the Strofilia Estate to highlight both their excellent work on local and international varieties and the individual vineyards that they have distinguished throughout the years. Galari, located in Ancient Nemea, is characterized by three innovative de..
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Exuberant and full red wine with a deep purple color, spicy fragrant character, fruity and in the same time, vibrant barrel sense, with a well-bodied mouth feel and nice tannins. Velvety finish with the sense of vanilla and crisp bread. Delicious aftertaste...
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