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Greek Sangiovese Wines

Greek Sangiovese Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose
Categories: PGI

Description: The name of this Italian variety comes from the Latin sanguis Jovis signifying the blood of Jupiter. It is a fairly common variety of central Italy, which gives both fresh and aged wines. Originally they are distinguished from fresh fruity aromas like strawberry, which by staying in the barrel turn into ripe odors which sometimes are reminiscent of tar and oak. In our country this variety is vinified in small quantities, giving very remarkable wines.

Typical wine characteristics: Aromatic and complex
Moderate purple color and slow dense tears in the glass. Complex bouquet on the nose with aromas of red and black fruits like cherry, currant, berries, herbs like eucalyptus and intense earthy feel like wet leaves, forest, mushrooms. Rich mouth feel with velvety soft tannins and the aromas being pre..
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Deep red color, rich aromatic with notes of wood, nutmeg, white pepper, but also ripe forest fruits. Well-structured body, sufficiently dense, with tanins in progress and moderate duration but aromatic aftertaste...
16.60€ 17.10€
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Dense purple color, with purple hues. Ripe aromas of tomato paste, plum jam, pepper, smoke, vanilla and herbal cues. Balanced wine with rich and sharp tannins. Thick body and aromatic aftertaste...
16.90€ 17.40€
Ex Tax:13.63€
Karipidis' Rosé wine makes a comeback with a new label and name: Pink Pull. 100% Sangiovese, with light salmon color and silver highlights that brings in mind the Rosé wines of Provence. Quince paste, strawberry and orange zest come first in the nose and they are also present on the palate. It has a..
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Bright cherry color with light purple hues, lively and pleasant aromas of red fruits, starring cherry, pomegranate and strawberry and a sence of caramel butter on the background. Mouth feel with an aggressive carbon dioxide, with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity. Long and aromatic aftert..
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