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Robola Wines

Robola Wines
Color: White
Types of wines: White
Categories: PDO Robola of Kefalonia

Description: A variety that excels mainly in Western Greece, mostly in the Ionian Islands and in greater extent in Kefalonia. The wines produced are relatively high-ranking in alcohol, have moderate intensity, fruity fragrance with citrus and mineral notes, with good body and with good acidity. It is a promising variety, which despite its easily oxidized character, can give charming wines of small aging time.

Typical wine characteristics: Rich and with good acidity
Pale and clear lemon-green color, with a clean and medium intensity nose. Honey, ripe green fruit, like pear, along with bergamot notes. Mineral character in the mouth, with, again, citrus and green fruit notes, moderate body, medium-to-high acidity and lasting, lemon-flavored aftertaste...
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Light color wine, with almost white shade, and nose really cool and fresh, with rejuvenating scents of white flowers, citrus notes, lime zest, tea leaves and tarragon. Medium volume mouthfeel, with impressive acidity and long, highly classy aftertaste...
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Nikos Petrakopoulos and his winemaker Kiki Samieli are keen to capture and furthermore express the terroir of Kefalonia on each label they create. The cultivation is organic and they follow a "hands-off" approach, resulting in some of the most authentic wines in the country.Thymari Petras (Thyme of ..
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Jasmine & tea, rosemary & thyme, peach jam and flint coexist in its aromatic palette. Delicate mouthfeel, equally aromatic, with moderate volume and generous acidity...
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Bright yellow-green color, with strong aromas of citrus and citron, whitefleshed fruits and herbs. Crispy acidity, body with good volume and elegant finish...
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Fermented with indigenous yeasts and following the biodynamic standards of the particular winery. Light yellow color and complex aromatic profile with citrus, flowers and stone fruits like apricot. Harmonious and balanced mouthsense with buttery texture and vitality that lasts...
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Verdea is a wine with "Apellation by Tradition" and originates from "Fioro tou Levante", Zakynthos island. A blend of varieties, its name is linked to the Italian word verde, which means green, referring to the green color of the almost unripe grapes used to increase the acidity of the wine. Verdea ..
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