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Greek Petit Verdot Wines

Greek Petit Verdot Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red
Categories: PGI

Description: Few attempts at cultivation of this variety have been made in our country. However they are particularly interesting, since the same variety, of French origin, usually gives wines with distinctive temperament, with rich tannins, color and taste. The fresh and fruity aromas evolve interesting in scents of violet and leather while it ages.

Typical wine characteristics: Tannic and complex
Dense ruby color and delicate aromas of ripe fruit as plum & cherries, traces of chocolate & coffee and notes of tobacco & ginger.  Wonderfully concentrated and well-structured wine, with volume and exuberance, strong tannins and persistent aftertaste...
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The Rare Earths series is the choice of people in the Strofilia Estate to highlight both their excellent work on local and international varieties and the individual vineyards that they have distinguished throughout the years. Galari, located in Ancient Nemea, is characterized by three innovative de..
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