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Mouchtaro Wines

Mouchtaro Wines
Color: Red
Types of wines: Red, Rose
Categories: PGI Sterea Ellada, PGI Thiva

Description: Mouchtaro is variety which few have seriously addressed. It is grown almost exclusively in Viotia region, and more specifically around Thebes. The relatively recent vinification samples show that it can give wines with distinct temperament and finesse, and with quite good aging potential. They are characterised by the dense crimson color, complex aromas of red fruits and spices and herbs, as well as the sharp acidity and the good quality tannins.

Typical wine characteristics: Aromatic and acidic
Attractive ruby ​​color, complex & charming nose, starring aromas of candied red fruits like ripe cherries and blackberries, sweet cherries and hints of rose. Well-structured mouthsense, with long spicy aftertaste...
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The new creation of the Muses estate is called Works and Days. The inspiration comes from the didactic poem of the ancient Greek poet Hesiod around 700 BC, which is written in dactylic hexameter and contains 828 lines. It consists of 100% Mouchtaro that was dehydrated under the sun for 7 days and ag..
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Dense purple color with violet hues and rich, attractive bouquet with an emphasis on the ripe red fruit and sweet spices on a chocolate background, roasted nuts, mint, vanilla and ink. Elegant mouthsense with velvety tannins, good structure and especially sharp acidity...
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The Muses Winery creates Unicorn, a single Mouchtaro variety wine, which comes from a 96-year-old self born vineyard with a very low acre yield, which results to its great concentration. The wine juice remains in French oak barrels for 12 months and it comes in just 480 bottles.The color is deep red..
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Salmon color and intense fruity nose reminiscent of strawberry, raspberry, violet and herbs. Aromatic notes of red apple and black currant are felt on the palate. Good moderate acidity and juicy long finish...
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