Stelios Logothetis wines

H WINNER S.S.Logothetis company created by Stelios Logothetis 2007. Stelios Logothetis being a production consultant to seven wineries throughout the Greek territory, started producing in 2007 two popular blends. A white from Chardonnay-Malagouzia, and a red, from Cabernet - Syrah, that come from privately owned vineyards. The 20 acres of vineyards are located in areas of New Lampsakou Halkidos, Molo Fthiotidos and Desfina Fokidos. In addition, the Company cooperates in a permanent basis with producers in the region of Kastoria and Vegora Amynteon. The aim of the company is the production of high quality and special character wines, since Stelios Logothetis has a PhD in Biotechnology Fermentation. In cooperation with the agriculturist Dimitri Tsoupei always try to achieve the best results in viticulture but, also, in modern vinification.

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