Montofoli wines

The Estate is located in the Ancient Town of Karistos, Southern Evia. In 1962, after numerous excavations, the estate was declared as an archaeological site. Most of the archaelogical findings of the area found are being, today, exhibited in the Archaelogical Museum of Karistos.Since the Frankish Domination it was owned by the ruler of the Castello Rosso (the caste of the area), which is built on the hill “Montofoli” as well. In 1986, the family of Pavlos G. Karacostas bought the land and created the company MONTOFOLI ESTATE S.A. in order to restore the buildings and regenerate its agricultural history. It was decided to produce a sweet wine, under the “Ktima Montofoli” label, according to the sweet wine production techniques which are being applied in the islands of the Aegean Sea. The cultivated indigenous varieties are : Assyrtiko and Aidani from Santorini, Athiri from Rhodes and Liatiko from Crete. In 1991, the “Ktima Montofoli” wine, a sweet wine coming fron sun dried grapes was bottled and acknowledged as a Vin de Liquers.

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