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Kexchris Winery is one of the most traditional family wineries of Northern Greece. It all began in 1911, when Evagelos Kechris bottled wine, introducing to the Greek market glass bottles imported from the U.S.A.  Since 1939, lovers of good wine used to frequent the traditional tavern "Kokoras" ("Rooster") in the old Thessaloniki, owned by Kechri family.  There, they were enjoying retsina and sun-dried wines vinified in wooden barrels.
In 1954 the company gets its resent form, as a modern winery-distillery under the name of "Kechri Bross". In 1972, Kechri products cross the Greek borders successfully and in 1984, the traditional liquers "Doriki" are born. By that time the company is directed by Stelios Kechris. He studied chemistry in the University of Thessaloniki, Greece and in 1978 he obtained an Enology degree from the University of Dijon, France.  He and his wife Konstantia continue the family's winemaking tradition reaching their vision of enhancing the image of Greek wine worldwide.
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Kechribari Retsina

A classic retsina with aromas of pear, green apple and melon, with lime and mastic of Chios notes, in a background of fresh raisin...

2.50€Ex Tax: 2.02€

Tear of the Pine 2018
D '17
Gold (96)

Tear of the Pine 2018

The Tear of the Pine Retsina from Kechris has a straw yellow color, delicate aromas, with subtle shades of resin, hints of minerality and fruity nuances in a well made mouth with retsina adding someth..

15.50€ 13.90€Ex Tax: 11.21€

Kechris Fourth Dimension 2016
RP '12
D '13

Kechris Fourth Dimension 2016

Deep purple color, complex aromatic bouquet, in a composition of black berries, caramel, cocoa, ripe tomato, green pepper and hints of thyme, vanilla and spice accents.  Dense mouthsense, spic..

18.60€ 17.90€Ex Tax: 14.44€