Diamantis Winery

The traditional, stone-built Diamantis Winery is located in Geraneia region, in the entrance of the city of Siatista, with its picturesque little alleys. The up-to-date equipment guarantees the quality and the dynamic covers the production of the winery's vineyards, along with the one of other winemakers from the city of Siatista. The grapes are coming exclusively from the region, providing its true wine character.
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Diamantis Xinomavro-Moschomavro 2016 -12%

Diamantis Xinomavro-Moschomavro 2016

Charming aromatic bouquet of black and red fruits, like wild strawberry, and several notes of grass character. Balanced acidity with moderate body that leaves a mineral aftertaste. It's a wine that ca..

8.40€ 7.40€ Ex Tax: 5.97€

Diamantis Xinomavro 2015

Red and black fruit at their best, and an oak so well-embodied, that doesn't wear you out with its wood and the vanilla notes. Medium body and moderate, rounded-up tannins that don't tingle unpleasant..

16.90€ 16.60€ Ex Tax: 13.39€

Diamantis Liastos 2008

Deep brick color, with aromas of caramel, forest fruits jam and grass, that transfuses a more fresh character. Mouth with well balanced acidity that blends harmoniously with its warm alcohol, leading ..

44.80€ 42.80€ Ex Tax: 34.52€

Diamantis Moschomavro 2017

Ruby color that truly magnetizes you. A nose that could be described as a surprise in the glass. It is one of these aromatic bouquets that you close your eyes and enjoy. Flowers, such as rose and viol..

10.90€ Ex Tax: 8.79€